Fay Emails Stordansken

From Brad's "Eurochamps" campaign. Stordansken is a hero working for Interpol.

>Fay can be reached at Berkeley.  Her real name is Matilda Elfic, and
                                           that's Elphick ^^^^^^!

Dear Stordansken;
	Yes, I have run into Mistress, it was about two-three years ago, 
in Berkeley.  The night SAT called us up and deputized us!  Ha!  After all
their damn 'training films' they had to come to us!  Lets see, Aurora 
was there, and the vampires were off eating Agent, and me, of course,
and... Oh yeah, Laurelye, that little ungrateful bi...  She ran off  to 
be Foxbat's moll, or something, and she wrecked my car!  I've got a new
one, and it hasn't been trashed so far, although Ysarri did redo the paint
job.  Is car insurance as expensive in Europe as it is in the US? It's
the Paranormal Insurance that really kills, though.  The don't pay 
professors very well.  It's part of the anti-intellectual atmosphere, 
I think.  Education in America is a mess.  So are a lot of other things,
come to think of it.  Don't you wish you had a rich aunt?  Well, anyway, 
we were up against Mr. Perfect, Captain Napalm, and Mistress.  Oh, parts
of Agent showed up, but Aurora, who was playing the villain, shot up their
trucks.  And SAT was there too.  Well, the only whole SAT officer left in the 
Bay Area, anyway.  This may have been the SAT officer who had something 
going with Laurelye.  I'm not sure if he was in love with her or wanted 
to arrest her for being an illegal alien or something.  Isn't it amazing 
how little you know about people who are sharing your house, sleeping on 
your couch and talking to your cats?  And wrecking cars.  Let me give 
you a piece of advice - don't lend your car to someone whose drivers
license in not valid in this dimension.  Anyway, Laurelye controlled 
Captain Napalm, who shot Mr. Perfect, who ignored it and died.  Although
there was later another appearance of Mr. Perfect, he was fighting a 
kangaroo, I think, some weird hero, but that was in LA.  He also beat
Robocop single-handedly, but I seem to remember hearing that he 
threatened som innocent bystanders at one point.  Aurora was dealing with 
Blitz.  Did I forget to mention Blitz?  She was a lightning bolt type, 
but she ran down at the same time Aurora ran out of light.  Or was she a
Martial Artist?  I can't remember, anyway she died later, after fighting 
the Canadians.  There was talk of foul play.  One of the Canadians was
suspected of having done in Blitz in her hospital bed.  Nasty business.
Some people take this superheroing too seriously.  I'm not claiming you do,
of course, it's your job.  It's just that too many self-proclaimed
heroes are far far too serious.  No sense of humor.  Take MoonRaven for
instance.  He wore shades over a mask to protect his 'secret identity'.
Well, there I was, up against Mistress, who was simply Mistress of everything
around her, including inanimate things, like lamp-posts and mailboxes.
The plan was to sucker them by pretending to be SAT.  Well, it worked, 
Mistress was in charge, and I don't think she is too bright, really.
I hit her with everything, and she simply ignored most of it. Finally, 
what little got through added up, and she passed out.  As I recall, 
Mistress got away while she was being transported to Stronghold.  
Do you have any other questions?

				- Fay

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