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Received: from ucbcmsa.UCB.EDU by with INTERNET ;
          Sat, 26 Nov 88 02:10:18 PDT
Received:  by ucbcmsa.UCB.EDU (3.45/37-ddt) id 39B2774F; Sat, 26 Nov 88 02:01:33 PDT
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1988 02:01:30 PDT
From: "Mandy L. Ward" 
Subject: a robbery happened

hi i wasnt sure who to talk to about this so i looked up before breakfasts accou
nt and here is the message sorry had to use my sisters account as i dont have on
e but she never uses it so i figured it would be ok earlier tonite i saw a robbe
ry at the museum downtown here there were two paranormals one was a woman about 
my height long hair not sure of color it was dark other one is a big man a brick
 not sure how strong but i bet he could lift a bus she is a martial artist fast 
but im faster they were stealing 
these ivory sticks or somethings looked like hot dog size only shorter they wern
t very professional or careful they just gummed the museum gate shut i went in t
hey surlrised me maybe some kind of desolid not sure i was held by brick they we
rnt sure what to do with me they stole the sticks then thoght they would tie me 
up then i wriggled free ran out through window and down alley they chased but i 
got away oh i forgot to mention the brick goes desolid or teleports or something
 when i ran i first wanted to get
 out through front gate but he had somehow gotten ahead of me and was waiting so
 i had to leave as above i set off an alarm dont think i left any fingerprints t
he news says there were three perpetrators but really there was only those two t
hey got away from me sorry didnt catch them theyll probably hit again sometime i
 think i remember something about museum breakins or something like that thought
 you should know in case no one else knows what they look like oh ps i know you 
cant play but id think you will h
ave something to do with organizing team so tell bonecrusher or whoever is runni
ng the thing im available im really fast if they cant use explosions or wide are
a attacks id be really good at not being hit anyway im not working this week so 
ill be down at before breakfast tuesday or so but thot you should know about the
 breakin fast in case you need to do anything about it now hi fay im sending thi
s to you too hope this helps hairtrigger

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