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April 3, 2000
two years ago


I can't believe we made it as early as we did, but we did everything a bit early to compensate for possible bus disruptions, but we actually got out by 10 a.m. and well, well before the 11 a.m worst case scenerio and we had all my stuff and caught the shuttle to the airport easily. It turns out that the shuttle actually runs every fifteen minutes!! So I could probably have made it downtown much more quickly using the regular transit shuttle rather than the other. And it's only two bucks. Well. Now I know.

The shuttle ran through a very mall based area on the way to the airport and I realized that after walking through the very alive and very diverse areas of the city that the mall looked... sterile. All the shops the same and none of the interactions we'd seen in the city. It was odd to see things that way suddenly, but interesting as well.

Geoff was interested because the fifteen minute schedule meant that he could come out here easily, any time he wanted, and there are some thing that can only be found out in Mall Land. So it was good exploration for him.

We arrived at the airport a good two hours early, so we had time to get lunch at Arby's and then wander around the shops in the area for a bit. That was fun, to just wander and talk and eventually we ended up at the gate just sitting next to each other and really glad of the weekend. This is in complete and utter contrast with the times when I left Mark on my trips to see him. Then I'd be crying and carrying on and feeling awful. It was so odd to just sit there and feel *good* about a very nice weekend and the fact that we'll likely see each other again. Nearly no tears, at all, and nothing to regret or be sorry about. At least no tears of sorrow, I might have cried, some from how good things had been, but it almost seemed odd.

It seemed a clear indicator to me that this is very different, very much better.

We kissed and hugged when we said our farewells when they actually called my row and he left while I got into line to file onto the plane. He had things to do and it was good to know that.

The flight itself was good, easy. The girl next to me had a vegetarian meal and a bunch of small troubles that she liked talking about, but that was okay. My meal was excellent. Chicken in a nice wine sauce on good starch with some spinach that hadn't been cooked to death and the salad looked like it still had living leaves in it. A big chunck of chocolate cake to finish and I was pretty happy and capable of a bit of sleep on the way now that I didn't have anything more to anticipate.

I also did another character for the Weekend Novelist's exercises and that felt good to do.

When we reached DIA I looked up the Super Shuttle and got a place there and that worked out just fine as they could deliver me to Xilinx's door. I called John as soon as I got the ticket for the shuttle and only got his answering machine, so I left a message that I was okay, here and about to get on the shuttle. He'd get it.

The Super Shuttle made life just that much easier for both of us, that I could be right at work when John would be finished. I was more tired than I really wanted to admit. Travel always does some of that to me. But as the shuttle crossed the sun-blasted plain and all I could see in all directions was brown sere lands and the powder blue bland sky I just started crying quietly. Geoff loves his city. A lot. It was obvious from all the things that he'd shown me with such joy, and here I was back in this place that I don't really know and don't especially like. If he were to visit I wouldn't have even half the things to show him, to give him back, as he'd given me. It was so weird to come face to face with the fact that I really don't like this place I've found myself. Especially given how much I've always loved Seattle, this was so odd to run headon into. In Seattle I would have had a week's worth of things to show him, easily, and discovered a few things that I hadn't gotten around to seeing. Here I still know so little.

Odd to have that be the only cause of tears.

But I got to the office in plenty of time, and entered as the sun was slanting towards the west, turning everything gold and throwing the huge shadow of the mountains on the foothills onto us on the plains.

John collected me and we went to Safeway as he could see I was tired and we needed something for dinner. Comfort food of frozen, Safeway Select chicken wings and some frozen stuffed potatoes. He'd tried the Tyson wings and wanted to try the Select ones, but he hadn't wanted to tackle 20 ounces of wings by himself. Now that he had me we got the box and took them home with us. I put everything in the over and turned things appropriately while he rode the exercise bike. That was useful and a good way to get back into the routine of being home. Fezzik greeted us as we came home and buried his head in my lap and wouldn't leave until I'd given him scritches everywhere. He finally backed up and shook off contentedly. It was good to be back.

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