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April 4, 2000
a year ago
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Mostly spent today recovering. Figured out a few problems at work, lead a meeting and followed up on all the results and was very glad that Steve was going to be returning soon. I got some coding done, but not a lot with all the interruptions over the bugs and things that had to be assigned or making sure investigations happened. I had a very quiet online time with Geoff, as he was busy and as tired as I was.

Lunch was fun, though, as a bunch of us went to Santiago's and just dove into the good food in the sunshine. It was a little chilly out, but with the sunshine it was easily bearable and we just sat out in the sun and ate really good food. I got the chicken indian taco and the shell was crisp and hot and they were light enough, this time, on the meat that I could actually finish it all. It was companionable, nice, and neat to be able to have lunch with John and folks. Usman is on a cricket team, locally, and after lunch we actually went to look at where his cricket field was, so we might actually go watch a game some day.

Got home not too late, and I got on the exercise bike as I really needed it, but I found out that with all the walking in Pittsburgh I was in better shape than when I left. I was actually able to go up a notch on the difficulty and it felt good to really work out. While I was biking I thought about dinner and realized that we have a lot of things in the freezer that would be good to use.

So when I got off the bike I had fun making scampi in butter and garlic with fresh chives on angel hair pasta with a heavy scattering of mizithra cheese to take advantage of the browned butter from the shrimp. The frozen shrimp weren't getting any better and it was good to just use it all along with the garlic that was getting old as well. The chives in the pots are very happy with their new spot and did really well in the mixture. Yum. Oreos for dessert was a very happy thing.

I showered and then John asked for help to double check our taxes before he sent them in.

Last year, we sold a house, bought a house, moved on company expense, incurred all kinds of expenses having to do with moving for the job, had a broker that made over a hundred stock transactions, and basically had a huge pile of things we had to report to the IRS in excrutiating detail. Getting through all the stock transactions and seeing just how much money was lost was just so depressing. John was on his second beer by then and just cheerfully plowed through, so I went and got myself a good cup of my Godive liquor and relaxed about it as well. There wasn't anything we were able to do about it now, just get through it. Fezzik joined us a little ways into it all and just lay in the office to lend his moral support as we slowly paged through all the transactions. I pointed out that a bunch of our moving expenses were actually deductable and weren't to be taxed, so we filled in that section and saved ourselves a large chunk of money. That was nice.

It took us about five hours to get through everything. That was mildly painful but by the time we were done, we knew we were done. It was over with for the year and we knew what the damage was going to be. The gains from the house and from other things piled up some unexpected taxes, so we'll have to sell some of the stocks to cover, but there were a few that I really wanted to sell, a lot. So that actually made me pretty cheerful. Sleep was good.

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