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April 6, 2000
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Early Starts

I can't believe I did it.

I actually did get up at 5:30. With the alarm, turned it off, realized I was way too tired to do this without a shower, so I went into the hot water and felt it all wash away my aches and the pain of just getting up at such a gawdawful time of day. When I stepped out I was almost cheerful. Got lotioned, tooth-brushed, and contacted and shoved everything I needed into my backpack and while I packed that I boiled water in the electric kettle.

Two spoonfuls of Van Houten cocoa, as sold in France, went into my Starbuck's travel cup, three spoonfuls of sugar, a drip of anise, and a splash of vanilla and then all the hot water and I was all set for the road trip. I got into the Passat and the sky had just started to lighten and I let myself out of the fence and it was exactly 6 a.m. when I drove away.

The sky was pale and dark enough that I needed to have my lights on and NPR was doing a drive for funds and after listening to it for a while I got tired and switched the station over to something more modern. There's a station here called The Adventure and features Seattle grunge and other stuff and I cranked it happily. I could feel the music flowing through me again and with the machine at my beck and call and complete control I bombed down the freeway, along the back roads, always and solely east and south and east and south, step stepping down and out towards DIA. Forty minutes of two lane roads with a few slow drivers, and as I neared the airport I could see where the sun was approaching the horizon and it felt like some vampire movie where I was racing the sun. I really didn't want to be driving east into the rising sun, eventhough I have good sunglasses it still hurts some at this altitude and with my sleep-deprived eyes it would have been even more painful.

I managed to duck into the parking lot just as I saw sunlight spread to either side of the concrete mass of the airport.

The lady at the ticket counter was nice. The voucher provided a lot more trouble than anyone might have anticipated, and she actually had to call her computer support to figure out the right way to enter it into the system, so I was glad that I was doing this face to face instead of trying to do this over the phone with even more frustration factor. As it was I could just lean on the counter and sleepily watch her do what she had to do her computer to get it all to work. The airport itself was mostly empty, not a whole lot of people, though the traffic at the other counters slowly picked up as I stood there. They were gearing up for the 8 am flights, I guess.

When it was done I had a ticket for $223, which was ridiculously little compared to the $400 to $500 tickets I'd been contemplating a while back. It felt good and when I got back into the car, it was fun driving back. It's been a while since I've just driven, knowing that I had plenty of time and not real push to get anywhere. That was good.

Work was good. Got something debugged in the new stuff that had been a complete mystery to me, so I felt good about accomplishing that. I also had a good time just talking with Geoff, after, just mild reminiscence and hearing more about him getting back into his life and possibilities that he's pursuing happily. It's good to know that things are opening up for him and he has stuff that he really wants to do. He was up at 5:30 a.m., too, and we commiserated a bit about that.

I stayed a bit after John left in order to get my fix in right, and told him that I was probably too tired to do more creative dinners, so that he should just order pizza. He told me to call him when I was heading home so that the pizza would arrive in time, and so I did. When I got home, the pizza was already there, and it was good and hot and perfect. Pepperoni and onion and warm happy food. That was very good. A bit of TV , reading some of Kindred of the East to get a better feeling for the game, and poking at more character concepts, and I was ready for bed.

Mmmm... sleep is good, especially after such an early start.

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