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April 19, 2000
a year ago
two years ago

Necessary Day

I started the day thinking that I'd get everything done by noon.

Boy, was I wrong.

I was so wrong it wasn't even funny. At lunch time Jenny came by my desk to ask me if I wanted to come to lunch with her and I sadly said I can't I have to do stuff. So she was a real sweety and actually went and got me food. That was really nice of her.

Heads down coding, can't really say much about it. Got stuff done around 7, including all the merges, checks, and stuff.

Was so exhausted I couldn't even dream of what to eat.

So John made fish sticks and mashed potatoes and corn and stuff and I ate. And then we watched a little hockey on the big screen while Fezzik barked outside.

But I'm done.

What a relief.

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