April 19, 1998

I survived Sunday

Got to sleep early as I'd have to get up early for setting up and opening the doors for the 8:30 service. We got up in plenty of time, and I even got a little breakfast into me before leaving. We got there and I unlocked things with John's help and set up what I could and read and got an invocation and then Ted showed up to do the setup for me. The early service is always small, so we just set up chairs at the front for everyone rather than doing the pew thing. It makes it just a bit more intimate and more fun.

The visiting Pastor was the first long-term pastor that Eastgate Congregational had ever had. He was funny, keen, and had a voice that could have been the voice of God. It was just so gorgeous. And the thing was that he'd original taught pretty solid supernatural theism when he was originally with the church and in the eighteen years since has learned more about panintheism, the believe that God is in everything, rather than some remote Power to be feared. It is definitely a solid change, too, and in line with the present beliefs of most of the congregation, which was very interesting.

Anyway. It went well, both services went well. I completely missed a hymn in the late service, but it turned out well, as the sermon and the children's sermon and my sharing were all just a bit longer than normal, so people got out at 11:34 instead of 11:30, but if I'd seen the hymn it would have been yet another five minutes on a beautiful sunny Sunday. There are something that are less forgivable than others. And making the service be just a bit too long on a beautiful day is one that is less forgivable.

So we got out, and John took me to breakfast at 12th Street Cafe and they seated us at this tiny table, and we leaned the crutches against it. The food was excellent as always, and it felt so very good to eat out again, for the first time since the sushi, really. My leg did get a bit stiff with sitting for that long, but it was worth it.

The afternoon was a little confuse and confusing, but eventually I did all my exercises and John suggested eating out again, but I really was too sore and exhausted from all the things that had happened in the morning to do that again. So he went out and got take-out from the Golden Wok and we enjoyed great Chinese food at home, watched the X-Files and then went to sleep.

A peaceful day.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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