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April 20, 2000
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Worn Thin

First thing I get, coming in, is that I have to fix a bug, today before 10 a.m. and then merge a bunch of bug fixes that Bob had done as well into all three development streams. That got really interesting. So I was given dispensation to skip a meeting and I got all of that done.

Then came the fact that our integrator had been up until 6 a.m. playing with an old program he'd written, so I paniced around 11:15 and then got email from him that he'd do it from home.

I nearly fell over.

Sunny, gorgeous day out. I went to lunch with Cary and Brandi at KT's and we sat in the sunshine and ate and enjoyed it all. It was so very nice. I really didn't want to go back to work. But I did.

Didn't do too much in the afternoon after being pushed so hard this morning.

It was very interesting and odd to find out that a friend of mine has been as busy as I have been with his everyday job and life lately that he's been exhausted, too, and with tiredness, he hasn't been able to write, either. He feels the lack and the sadness that I do at that, as well. I didn't know that it was other than just me.

The creativity really does get eaten up by work, especially high pressure work.

Went home pretty late as John had lots of stuff to do. We went to Safeway to get steaks as I was, again, exhausted. We got good stuff and Fezzik was very happy to see us. We had fun with him and I sauteed mushrooms in butter with fresh chopped parsley and a sprinkle of salt and a splash of Marsala. Those went very well on the steaks. Yum. Good food, good fun.

Then sleep.

I am worn thin. As thin as an old dollar bill, soft and pliant and fuzzy

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