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April 9, 2001
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Nine Pounds!

It's nice to be alone pumping at night. It's one of the few times I'm ever completely alone without even Jet to think about.

I pumped a full six ounces, three at each sitting last night. So I know that this feed him during the day and pump at night and feed him bottles at night thing really works. So long as he doesn't do like today, which is eat every hour, I can pump during the day, too. He ate every hour today and was happy for most of the day.

But by the end of it he was so hungry and grumpy and tired and sad from the immunizations that he yelled continually after the 8:30 feed so we just gave him 8 oz of formula as we'd given him 1 oz when he just didn't want to stop nursing. We didn't know if he'd take the full 6 that I'd pumped, so we gave him formula instead and let him just eat as much as he wanted. He had five, so that was a good thing. He calmed after the huge feeding and went to sleep and John and I went upstairs and did some computer stuff while we could and if we went to sleep at 10 it would be earlier than we have been.

The doctor's check up was really good. Jet's now NINE POUNDS in weight! That astonished me. That's a growth rate of about one and a third ounces per day for the last three weeks. He's really reved up and going strong it looks like. And it's really making my milk production go up, too.

Mom was kind of right, in that the one ounce a day is within the 'normal' rates for kids his age. But it isn't that he'll sustain that for the year, which is how Mom made it sound. From the American Pediatrics book, he'll drop off after the first three months. Yes, eight week old babies do actually gain more weight at a faster rate than eight month old babies. I wouldn't have thought it, but from the statistics from millions of babies, it's true.

Jet moved up a few percentiles with his gain of the last three weeks, though, and even with the gain in the last month. The doctor said that he was doing great. He's now 20.5 inches long and has a head that's 39 cm around, which is pretty cool. He has more brain!

For all that he's now the size of some newborns, he's now much more coordinated. The doctor was really cool and just observed him for a while, noted that he was 'talking' a lot, which is a good sign of language development. When he was put on his front, she said that he was very strong for his size, and when we told her about last night's feedings, she said that that was a lot of volume for a kid his size.

She said a lot of really good things, which really helped me feel like we'd done well. She even said, specifically that we'd been doing really well with him and that his development is going really well. She asked if we had any questions, and I just asked about what symptoms we should expect for how long for his immunizations. I should have read them in the pediatrics book before getting there, but I hadn't. She was happy to answer, though, and told us what to look out for and the probability of them happening. The one thing that she did clue us into was the use of Infant Tylanol to help with the swelling and possible pain of the immunization sites.

The poor nurse. There was this totally happy Jet talking with her and smiling at her and she had to put four shots into his thighs. She said, mildly unhappyily, "I wish your legs were bigger, Jet." and proceeded to put them in quickly and efficiently. She then put Tweety Bird Band-Aids on the punctures and gave Jet to John to comfort. John cradled him and snuggled him and bounced him up and down a bit until he wasn't crying anymore. Poor tyke.

We bought a bottle of Infant Tylanol right there at the pharmacy at the center. That was very cool. John even got back home in time for his 3 o'clock meeting.

Jet had a hard afternoon, though we did dose him with the Tylanol and that seemed to help the swelling and the ache of it all. It was made just a bit harder by the fact that we had him in a disposable for the check-up because the diaper service hadn't delivered, yet; and when we put him in one of the cotton diapers, the diaper cover closed right over the injection sites. We just put him back into the disposables and we'll likely keep him in those until the DTP site's swelling goes down.

John's parents arrived at 4, and we did rotissarie chicken for dinner. Jet was really unhappy from the shots and they had a really difficult time trying to comfort him. We were even having a pretty difficult time comforting him. Once again, he has a hard day on the day that grandparents arrive. Luckily, until the really late feedings, nursing really seemed to help calm him down and relax him. Even then there were moments when he'd get really angry and upset and I'd have to nurse him while bouncing him on the exercise ball.

The things one does for a baby...

He did have one good period when he was playing in the bassinet during dinner, but the combination of being hungry, tired, and hurting didn't let it last too long.

I have some ambivalence about stopping with all the work that's gone into breastfeeding Jet and how neat and calming for both of us feeding him can be. Especially now that I have proof that it really is making Jet thrive. Besides, I can read. It's quiet time for me, too, if he's not too grumpy or gassy.

During the morning, I had Jet in the sling and got a little time on the computer. I bought a bunch of Baen Webscriptions and tried to download them using iSilo direct from the web. My connection was too flaky to get it all, though, and it was only when I was eating lunch that I realized that they might have had HTML zipped up the way they did on the free book site.

It was only with the time late at night that I got to download the zip files and convert them and load them into the Visor. That was very good.

Both John and I took advantage of the early bed time to get a bit of computer stuff done. So we were working together upstairs with the door open, just in case. I figure if I can hear Jet in the bedroom when he's yelling in the office, it should work the other way as well. He was quiet as could be.

After as rough a day as he had, it's good he's getting some rest. It's good for us, too, to have a little time to ourselves. We'll have to do this a bit more often.

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