Liralen's Adventure Through Life
April 2001
  1: A Great Reality
  2: Happy Two Month Birthday
  3: Alone With Jet Again
  4: Massage and Miracles
  5: Better Day
  6: Bad Gas Day
  7: Shopping Adventure
  8: Baby Aerobics
  9: Nine Pounds!
10: Bits of Normalicy
11: Cold Power Outage
12: Review Day
13: Off the Calling List
14: Tired of Lactating
15: Spy Kids
16: Complex Morning
17: Smiles
18: Independence
19: Out and About
20: Small Space Tryout
21: Jet's First Flight
22: Beach, Sushi, and Donuts
23: The Zoo
24: Going To The Beach With Kathy
25: Home Again
26: Errands
27: Over-Ambitious Tuna Sandwiches
28: Shopping Frenzy, Chinese Food, and Bananas Foster
29: Boulder Morning

This was the last month that I could be at home without working at all. Evenso, I was pretty tired a lot of it, though nothing like the ninth month of the pregnancy. My body pretty much recovered from the worst of the wear and tear of the birthing, and I was getting a lot of my energy back.

Jet started the month off pretty well, and then he got his two month checkup that showed him at a very healthy nine pounds. He got his first shots and started sleeping more of the night, gradually.

It really helped having John's parents through much of the middle of the month, again, and then the three of us went to San Diego and had a blast there as well. Sleep is good no matter where we can get it.

I still can't believe some people do seven of these kid things. It's just insane taking care of one. Yeesh.

We end up getting back home, for once without anyone to come and help us out for the forseeable future. The pattern we establish looks pretty good for a few days. But work, for me, is coming up around the corner...

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