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April 8, 2001
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Baby Aerobics

8:45 pm: Got up at 7 this morning and took Jet from a frazzled John, as they'd been up since about 6. Jet had slept pretty well after the bath, gotten up at 3:30 for his feeding. Afterwards, he was wide awake but happy, so John put him in the bassinet. Jet proceeded to wiggle, kick, and flail his arms continualy. He did it so long and hard that he started panting. I woke up and asked John if Jet was doing baby aerobics. That made him laugh. About 15 minutes later Jet was fast asleep.

After I took Jet, John went back to bed and slept until 11. I made myself a baked pancake that was done at 10, but John looked so happy sleeping that I left him to it.

I'm pretty tired, but not flattened. I even decided to write journal entries instead of taking a nap after the grocery run. Jet was pretty much an every other hour feeder today. Lunch is much easier with someone to help with cooking and eating and stuff. I made fried rice for the two of us in about twenty mnutes and it was very good, but Jet was yelling to be fed before I was done with lunch. So I ate the last of it with Jet latched on.

We were brave, anyway, and went to do our grocery shopping. We also went to Walmart to get some bookeneds and other small things. The lines weren't all that bad, so I wasn't really unhappy with going there. The bagel shop that was close to there was closed, however, so we had to get bagels at Safeway.

Shopping was pretty intense as we'd used up pretty much everything and we were planning for the fact that tomorrow George and Isabel are coming back and staying for a week. We got a lot of dinners and a ton of other stuff. Just as we were in the checkout line, Jet started yelling, so I took off for the bathroom to change him. As I was walking off, rolling the cart with Jet's car seat on it, I realized that I'd left John without a cart and a ton of groceries. Oops.

Jet was a bit happier after getting changed, as he was wet and a little poopy and sticking a bit to his diaper. Poor guy. He yelled enthusiastically during the whole procedures, and then spent most of the ride home sucking furiously at his binky and staring at me and whimpering. He was obviously hungry but there wasn't really any way I was going to be able to feed him until we got home.

John had to unpack the seven bags of groceries, but didn't seem to mind at all. I was pretty impressedy by how solidly he packed the refrigerator.

I was dried out by the trip a little, but I had plenty of milk for that feeding. It was the 7:00 feeding that suffered, and I had to feed him some more while John ate the dinner he'd made. John managed to bake some rye bread as well. And even after that, Jet was still fussing for more. So I had John warm an ounce of formula, and had him feed it to him.

I'm amazed at the change of attitude I've finally gotten. I couldn't give him enough and I knew it and, finally, I just get it. It's kinda cool, much happier than it was three weeks ago. It's just what he needed. Jet was happy and playing with John after that, and sucking his fist. He's found his hands well enough to comfort himself when he wants to suck something. That's cool.

John has been watching the five hours of The Ten Commandments. We both were amazed that we actually, for once, saw the opening credits. I almost always find it around the time he saves the shepherd girls, which is about half way through or something. But that it's five hours long explains why we always see some part of it every year. I remember seeing it every year when I was a kid, too.

Amusingly enough, I don't think I realized why it was played during Easter time until I'd been part of the UCC for a few years. It's a fun way to spend the evening and think about things I used to think about.

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