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April 13, 2001
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Off the Calling List

I hate phone solicitors. They've been calling a lot more frequently now that we're actually home, and the Qwest (old US West) wireless folks have been especially bad. I really don't see how pissing off customers is any kind of a good business strategy. Though, admittedly we've been typically passive-agressive on their asses by telling them that John isn't home or that we aren't interested in their offers rather than what happened today.

I was trying to take a nap in the morning. John was at work all day but I had Isabel and George and George was working outside and isabel had taken Jet for a walk in the stroller, so the house was totally quiet. The first time in a long time, and I was so grateful when I laid down to sleep. Twenty minutes into my nap the fucking phone rings.

They'd been calling every day and I actually recognized the voice this time when I answered. I said, quite crisply, that we weren't interested, we'd never be interested, and would you fucking stop calling every day? The guy mumbled an apology and I hung up.

I fell back to sleep wondering if there was a way to press phone harrassment charges when they call twice a day, every day.

After a lunch of tomato soup, aged, sharp cheddar on low salt Wheat Thins, I went out with Jet and Isabel on their walk.

The stroller is very easy to push and the day was brilliantly sunny, though pretty windy. It was fun to just toddle along with them, and it was obvious that Isabel is far more used to covering a great deal more ground than I am. It was good, though, to just stretch my legs and walk.

One of the unexpected things about these stays George and Isabel have had with us has been the talks I've shared with Isabel. They've been long, involved, and deeply detailed. A lot of them have been really fun and many of them have made me think about what it is that I really want to do or how I really think. She doesn't mind at all if I disagree with her, and will happily draw me out on my reasons if I do disagree. It's cool getting the practice of listening and talking and asking when she disagrees with me, too.

I want to raise Jet that way.

What is also surprising in some ways is simply having as good a relationship as I do with my mother-in-law. Surprising only given the stereotypical relationships, but given the two of us and our personalities, I can see why it isn't 'typical'. It's very keen to have someone to learn from.

Better yet, I got a shower after our walk outside. Mmmm... shower. The hot water does wonders in letting the muscles of my shoulders relax.

John got home earlier rather than later today, as a bunch of the guys he was working with had to leave at 3 to catch their planes back to San Jose. He got home, played with Jet a bit and the phone rang while I was in the shower. It was a lady caller from Qwest who asked John if he wanted to be taken off their list. He answered with an emphatic yes. Yay!

Dinner was fun to make with Isabel. We took the last of the leftover chicken, chopped it up, added sauted onions and then split it into two piles. One pile got red, mild enchilada sauce added and cooked for a bit with the chicken. The second half got the green chile enchilada sauce added to it later. Then both chicken piles got put into dipped corn tortillas and rolled up with some cheddar cheese. Isabel did the red ones while I did the green ones and we were done in half the time. The enchiladas were in seperate pans for baking and we actually traded seats so that George and John got full access to the green and Isabel and I got our red. Add a salad and we were all set for dinner.

The other day Isabel had found rhubarb at the grocery store, so she bought a pound and let it macerate in just plain sugar last night. This morning she cooked it with a bit more sugar and some cinnamon and we had it, like apple sauce, for dessert with a good blob of whipped cream on top. The tartness of the rhubarb made for a really excellent dessert and as easy as it is I'll have to make it for John again, too.

Jet pretty much yelled all evening for more milk, even with hourly feedings. I probably have to drink more liquids or something to keep up with his demand. Maybe the walk dried me out more than I know. I know that I don't drink nearly as much water during the day as I do at night and that might be one of the reasons for the variation in flow.

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