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April 14, 2001
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Tired of Lactating

This morning was one of those times when I really resented the fact that I couldn't sleep for more than three hours at a time. Jet's actually sleeping four to six hours at a time some nights, but I still have to get up to pump because my breasts ache too much when they're so full. John got a good morning sleep when I took Jet out at 6:30 and changed him and fed him.

George was up and took charge of Jet when I was going to pump. That was useful, and the two of them played happily on Jet's mat while I pumped.

Jet had a really good day. Cycles of eating, playing, and sleeping, and Isabel mentioned that he seemed to be fighting sleeping a little less hard. Though he had one really loud and sad interval in the afternoon. He was even happy and sucking his fists during dinner, as I'd fed him thoroughly beforehand and I had enough milk to fill him up enough for him to be really good-natured.

He didn't even scream his head off during his bath! That surprised me a little, and he's even bigger and chunkier than he was last week. His belly was even a little rounded from his dinner. He fussed a little during the whole bath and didn't really cry until he was mostly dried off and cold from evaporating water. That even stopped when we put his dryer warmed body suit onto him.

After being mildly anxious after yesterday's milk lack, I drank a lot more liquids today and seemed to produce good enough for him today. I also took a small nap in the morning, rode the exercise bike in the afternoon and proposed and earlier time for Jet's last feeding so that we could both go to sleep earlier than usual.

I am tired. Really tired. Which probably had something to do with why I wanted to just stop being so damned closely tied to milk production anymore. I've been doing this solid for so long it'd be so nice to just have a real break. I can't imagine what it'd be like to sleep six hours at a shot anymore. I am getting enough, on the most part, especially with the naps I get with grandparents in residence, but it's all in pieces and snatches.

Still, I'll admit that three hours of sleep at a shot is pretty good. Especially after the one hour at a time during that last month.

I did have a lot of fun cooking today, though. It started with corned beef hash for breakfast. I cooked that and then cooked eggs for everyone to go with it. I got my medium over egg and everyone else wanted scrambled. Isabel was great and did a pile of toast and picked out some Scotch cut marmelade. It was really good, made with Seville oranges, and had a real depth of flavor to them.

Dinner was pizza. I made the dough between early afternoon feedings and got to use the exercise bike and do a quick shower afterwards. The dough did really well in the light bulb warmed dryer that George had made me a very long time ago.

The original recipe was really stupid and had 2 cups of water for 3 cups of flour. Normally a cup of water can make around two cups of flour into a fairly sticky and loose dough, if you want it firmer you have to use even more flour, so the recipe would have made paste. So I completely revamped it and it did well. I also used the Cooking Illustrated method of rolling between plastic and parchment paper to make it easy to put it on the pizza stone. The crusts turns out crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

John topped them. One plain cheese, one with pepperoni, one with green peppers, olives, and sundried tomato, and the final one with green peppers, olives, and green chile. They all turned out really good. The green chile one had George and John sweating a bit as they ate it. They loved it and Isabel and I were glad we didn't eat it.

It was very fun to do that cooking and have the time to actually focus on it.

After Jet ate his big bottle, he got changed and snuggled and set into his bassinet to sleep. Instead of going to sleep, he started swinging his arms and kicking his legs. He swung his arms so hard that he was thwacking the bottom of the bassinet so hard it was nearly like he was playing a drum. Whack Whack WHACK!

And then he was instantly asleep.

I'm so glad he does drop off, still.

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