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April 25, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Home Again

Even after a nine ounce feeding at 2 a.m.. Jet was up at 4:30 this morning, and wouldn't stay asleep more than half an hour, so John got up with him and stayed up with him until Dad got up at 6:30. Dad took care of him after that and we slept until about 8.

The flight was at 11:30, so we wanted to be there by 10:15 in order to have some 'lunch' before getting on the Frontier flight, as they don't serve food. Which meant that we had to leave the house at 9:45. We're getting much better at planning the timing of things to make them work. We managed to get it all coordinated. I fed Jet, first off, and then had breakfast while Mom and Dad jollied Jet along. Then John and I did a lot of fast packing and by the time it was time to feed Jet again, we had most of it together.

So John went over the house one last time while I fed Jet at 9-9:30 and we heated the bottle I'd pumped at 5 a.m. when Jet was first up and gave him that just before we left for the airport.

It all went really well. Jet rode happily in the car and when we pulled him out of the car seat in order to check it in he was quite content to just sit in my arms and watch everything going on. We found a California Pizza Kitchen and had a quick pizza that was good and tasty and not too salty. Jet watched us and sniffed at the pizza when I put it in front of his nose.

He's no longer an ET-like creature with limbs that wave like seaweed without a volition to drive them. He's got something behind his eyes now and that something drives his motions and his attention. He watches now, thinks now, tries things now. He's no longer the little larval creature that first came out of me unable to even breath evenly on my chest in the hospital. There's a person in there, eventhough he can't move much more than his limbs, he does what he can in there.

We got to just walk onto the plane when we were done with lunch. It wasn't a very full flight, so we got our row, and Jet latched on as we pushed back which was just a bit too early as we had to wait a bit to get our turn onto the runway. He ate pretty steadily, though, and when we were up in the air, he napped a little and then played on the seat between John and I. He played pretty happily and I napped on the plane.

I'm exhausted. Too many tensions with staying at my parents' home, sometimes, for me to sleep well.

Home again home again, it's so nice to be home, where everything is right at hand, and we have it all the way we want it. Jet had two one-hour feedings as he was a little dehydrated. It was really obvious that he's much bigger. He fills much more of the Boppie and goes further across the rocking chair. His head's bigger, his hands are bigger and his thighs are thicker than when we left. He also fills the changing table just that much more.

We wanted to try out the Mexican place that had taken over the Taco Mine. It's now called Casa de Mina, and we went while Jet slept. The service was slow, but the food was to die for. The chicken mole was rich and complex and just the right amount of spicy. It was deep with the caramelized richness of roasted chilies as well as the bitterness of good chocolate and the richeness of nuts. Yum. The chicken itself was melt in the mouth tender. We're going to have to try them again.

We left as Jet started waking up and wailing. It's a great way to get the check quickly, especially in that small a place. We got to watch Contact while doing the last feedings. That was nice to see again and it was such a relief to drop into our own bed once more.

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