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April 24, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Going To The Beach With Kathy

I pumped 4 oz, this morning, for the very first time! Holy moly!

We've mostly been doing the old routine, with me getting up once in the night to pump and then to feed Jet a bit while John gets his second bottle ready and then pumping. And then, in the morning, after breakfast, pumping one more time, and I'm easily getting the six ounce last feeding as well as pretty much all of the next feeding as well. We only fed Jet formula that first night for all his bottle feedings.

I wonder if it's the pump, the altitude, or maybe the humidity? I have no clue. Maybe it's actually sleeping a lot and catching up while we're here and there's someone else to take him? Whatever it is, it's certainly upping my production.

Mom wanted Jet for the early morning, so John and I went out and went to The Eggery Etc and had breakfast there. I really missed the pancakes John makes me, so I ordered a banana and walnut pancake, a single one as they had the usual enormous pancakes of all good breakfast places. I also had a side of bacon that John shared a bit with me. It was really nice to just sit and eat and not worry about getting back, as Mom really wanted the whole three hours, so she could feed him as well.

When John asked her how much she wanted to feed him, she gleefully answered, "Twelve ounces!" That was pretty cool and funny. She knew he could probably only eat six, and it turns out he only ate four, as that's what we said we wanted him to have. But it's interesting to see how much Mom wants to feed Jet.

Anyway, after breakfast, John and I had a very leasurely shopping walk down Pacific Beach. We went to a Hawaiian shirt hut and he got to gleefully shop amongst it all. I bought myself a Pacific Beach sweatshirt. Someday, we'll move back to a place where I can wear sweatshirts far more often than a week or two a year. It was also interesting being just a bit wistful about the day when I can wear normal clothing again, someday, without worrying about milk stains on everything.

We also went back to the shop where I'd extracted John from, yesterday. It was a nicer shop, not the normal beach hut, by the pier there at PB. John found a really nice, red Hawaiian style shirt with old cars on it. It was really nice, so we got that and some presents for his brothers, and I found a really nice, flexible straw hat that would provide shade on some of these really sunny days. It would probably also be nice when we were back in Colorado.

We got home by 11, and Jet ate off me sleepily. We had lunch at home and then called Kathy to ask if she wanted to go to the beach with John, Jet and I to dunk Jet in the ocean. While we'd walked on the beach two days ago, we hadn't brought the camera, so John didn't dunk Jet for his first experience of sea water. We wanted to do that today. Kathy said that she'd be happy to take her lunch to have fun with us, so she came to Mom and Dad's house and the four of us took off.

It's so weird to think of 'my family' as now being *three*.

We went to La Jolla Shores, as that's one of Kathy's favorite beaches. The stroller did just fine on the sand, and Kathy bought her lunch at a sandwich shop right there and ate as we walked. We walked the full length of the beach, almost into Torrey Pines, and headed back just before the pier, as there was a deep trough of running water from the aquariums that we didn't want to run the stroller through.

Jet got his dip, cried the first time, but then got used to it and paddled his little feet in the wet stuff while I took pictures. The ones on the web site are pretty representative of the day. It was gorgeous out, and we just sauntered up and down and Jet was covered in sunscreen, so it was safe enough. He fell asleep in the stroller on the way back, so we stopped in an ice cream shop to get some cones and then we headed back home.

He was pretty fussy and upset in the afternoon, so I fed him hourly for a while and when that really didn't do it, I sacrificed the three ounce second feeding to him and fed the bottle to him in the middle of the afternoon. He was much happier with that in him. I wonder if the beach walk dehydrated me some, so I wasn't producing as well in the afternoon, compared to the bounty of the morning...

Anyway, it worked, and he was really happy during dinner. That was pretty cool, he was just playing and thumping about in his bassinet while we all ate. Then we got all the bath stuff out for him again, and he was actually quiet for most of his bath! That was pretty cool, again, and he was likely happier to be cool with the wash.

Kathy got to feed him for the last time, while Angel and Buffy were playing on the TV. It's been so long since I've watched that series. After everyone else had gone to sleep, we just talked for a while. That was nice, again. She was pretty happy to have had Jet around to play with and to watch and see. She'd noticed that even in the week he'd been with them, he'd changed and grown, and she was really amazed by it all.

I'm pretty amazed to be a mom. Still don't quite 'get' it, yet, as in it would still surprise me a lot to have anyone call me Mom, and I still kind of feel like I just have this creature that I have to take care of, not that it's that I'm a *mother* per se. Jet still amazes me every day, so that's a good sign that maybe I should be doing this. It was really cool, though, to see some of that amazement and wonder reflected by my sister.

I'll readily admit that I didn't really decide to come to San Diego for my parents' sake, it really was for Kathy in many ways.

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