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April 26, 2001
two years ago
three years ago


5:09 am: Some day I'll look back at these days with fondness, "Remember when Jet used to get up two or three times a night for feedings? And he'd down nine ounces without a pause..."

Some day...

For now, I'll just comfort myself with the fact that this can't last forever and that 90% of all kids sleep through the night after three months, but even if he takes a few extra weeks, it's not my fault, it'sjust the way he's built.

It can be a bit fun in moments, watching him play on the changing table. But when the world is dark outside, I'd much rather he was sleeping.

9:21 pm: John was cool and let me sleep through the 6:30 awakening and all the way through to the 8:00 awakening. He even changed Jet while I put my contacts on and then went back to bed until 9. He had to get up then to give me a little time for breakfast before he had to leave for work around 10:30.

Jet had a mildly grumpy morning with me after that as he'd been playing with Dad for most of the early bits. So I got him to sleep a little bit when I got lunch together, and I called the lactation expert at Boulder Community Hospital to ask if I couldn't trade the pump in as it was past it's maintenance date and it certainly wasn't performing nearly as well as the one we'd rented in San Diego.

The expert wasn't in, but she did call me back later, and said that that would be fine. The phone message said that she'd be there until 3, but she wanted to leave early, i.e. 2:30, but she said that she'd leave the machine at the front desk.

I was feeding Jet when she called back, so I got brave and told her that I'd be there about half an hour after he finished. I then called her machine back as I was heading out the door to say that I'd be at least fifteen minutes late.

It's a beautiful day. I notice the weather a lot more now that I'm home with Jet all the time, instead of squestered away in perfect comfort at work all day, never seeing the sky. Now I see it every day and get to accomidate its changes.

The ride in was easy. Jet happily talked to his jitter bug all the way in and when we got to the hospital. He fussed a little for the last few blocks, but didn't cry. He was very happy to be changed on the back seat and he was perfectly pliant and attentive while I loaded him into the stroller and hauled the pump with me. The stroller basket couldn't accomidate the pump and Jet at the same time, so I had to just lug it in while guiding the stroller with the other. It worked out well, and I pulled the cover back so that Jet could see everyone and everything.

Plenty of people talked to him and he looked back and occassionally talked back to him in his rudimentry language, which charmed everyone. The birthing floor nurse that showed me the way to the lactation nurse's office commented on how big he was and how happy. The lactaion nurse commented the same, which was cool. I guess after seeing all the newborns, Jet really was pretty big and very much more alert.

She saw the difficulty I was in with hauling the pump around, and volunteered to bring it out for me. She was glad she offered when she came out to an utterly beautiful day that was in the mid-70's. There was a really nice breeze, too, but the sunshine made the car really hot.

Jet happily went into the car seat and patiently waited while I got everything else stowed into the truck before he started fussing. It was pretty hot in the car, so I turned the air conditioning on full blast and he quieted soon after I did that. I then made for Target and he stayed asleep while I found the new bottle nipples and more rechargable batteries for my Visor.

The Avent system has several nipple flow capabilities. The newborn or 1 nipples only have a single hole in them that really makes a baby work for their food and makes it so that it's no easier to eat off a bottle than off of Mom. But as the baby gets older and drinks more the flow going up isn't a problem as Mom's breasts give more milk, too. It also would cut down on how much time John had to spend up at night feeding Jet. All pluses.

The batteries I'd bought a while ago weren't working out totally. One set of batteries would last barely a day before crapping out completely. The other set was good for about a week, but was gradually holding less and less charge, so I thought I'd get a couple more of the alkaline rechargables, as I use them so often with the Visor.

Sadly, my Visor also has a crack in the plastic, now. I wonder if something happened during the trip, as I didn't notice it before today. That's mildly sad, but if what Kathy said about the repair things are true, I can get a completely new one for $85, which isn't bad at all compared to the price for a new one.

I got him back to the car, strapped in and he was so asleep I thought it better to just get him home before feeding him. It would take less time and be more comfortable for both of us as the Passat really gets hot in the sunshine. He woke up, of course, just as I was about to start the car. He fussed a little until I got the car started and in motion. The moment it was in motion, he went quiet and we were headed home.

He did just fine, and once home I fed him twice in two hours and he got caught up. I think he doesn't really get hungry so much as thirsty on the trips out of the house, but it's all the same for him.

After all the trips in San Diego, I think he's getting a lot happier with going out, and I think that a lot of it is that I'm not so scared anymore, after doing all that. Comparing this trip to the trip I took to Longmont the day before the San Diego trip is like comparing black with white.

Jet had a pretty good afternoon, the long nap while travelling seemed to help, and when John came home, he took Jet out on the front porch while I got a half hour nap. That was nice. Then Jet as fussing again for food, so John made fish slabs and fries and mixed peas and carrots for dinner while I fed Jet. Jet played while we ate, and was really good afterwards, too.

He played and played with me while John worked. I also called Bill and setup how I was going to start work on Monday. I don't really want to go back, but it's more fear of all the difficulty than dislike of working in and of itself. John found out that half time folks only vest options half time, and that made sense, but was another reason that half-time, for me, at least, may just make less sense.

Anyway, I have a 9:15 massage appointment on Monday, and Bill wanted me in for an 11:00 meeting. So I should be able to get to work a bit before 11, do the necessary HR things and then go to the meeting he wants me at. I could even talk with people a little bit before hand, too.

Bill was glad to accomidate my schedule and needs, which was very nice to have. I can start just quarter time and with most of it at home and calling in for all the conferences. We have the ISDN line that should make most everything else possible. So it might not be nearly as hard as I feared.

Jet ate off me again while John plowed ahead, and then John got his time with Jet. Jet ate really fast with the new nipple. He was done in about ten minutes instead of the twenty it used to take. John will definitely get a bit more sleep with this new setup. I spent time after the last feeding writing this and eating two cookies and drinking a bit of milk. I'll then pump one last time and go to bed.

Sometimes it's nice to have a routine, I will have some way to know what to expect tomorrow.

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