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April 29, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Boulder Morning

9:16 pm: A very full day today.

It started with Jet getting up at 1 with gas, and then at 3:30 hungry and then again at 5 with more gas. John had forgotten to give Jet the Mylacon with his bottles, and it had gotten into Jet's intenstines. So John was up with him all that time. Also, between 1 and 3:30 John couldn't sleep, and as he was trying to go back to sleep Jet was waking up.

John looked mildly trashed this morning, but he didn't want to sleep late again as he felt like he was phase shifting and that was messing up his sleep cycles.

We then had a long walk with Debbie, Matt, Boris and Forden. We met them at their house and they're in walking distance of a dog park and trail that's fairly easy and level enough for a stroller. The seven of us did a really long walk in the hot sun, there was a bit of a wind and some shade on the trail.

Jet spent most of it asleep, but he watched for parts as well. He wore his sunglasses for a while as well, and seemed to not mind them too much. The dogs really loved him and checked on him every once in a while to make sure he was okay as we all went along. The wind started bothering Jet on the way back as it was pretty strong. John finally picked him up and sheilded him from the wind and Jet fell asleep in John's arms.

Once back to the house, I fed Jet while John played a PlayStaion game Matt and Debbie had just gotten. That was good. Forden kept checking Jet out while he was eating. That was fun and neat to see. She really likes babies, and likes to protect them.

I was pretty sun and wind dried out, but they gave us Snapple drinks, and I felt a little better from that. I was still tired and a little faint, which I should have recognized, but I didn't. I wanted to just go home, but we needed to drop off the recycling and McGuckins had some oil for the hinge of the bedroom door as well as Roundup for our driveway. The weeds are starting to grow as fast or even faster than the grass.

So we stopped at McGuckins for the two things and a bathroom and diaper break for all of us. Once done with that Jet was asleep again, and so John and I decided to eat at Good Times. It would be fast, and it would be fuel, and their lemonade sounded really, really good. I needed it badly, it turned out, and it was a very good decision as I had been faint from hunger as our breakfast had been really early to get everything ready.

I wouldn't have gotten the recycling unloaded nearly as fast and happily as I did if we hadn't eaten. It was the right thing to do.

The day was just so hot. We got back, and Jet was thirsty again, so I fed him while John got started on mowing the lawn. When I was done, John took Jet and I got a forty minute nap and a much needed shower. I couldn't believe how good it felt against the heat. It was nearly 80 as a high!

Tomorrow is all mixed up. Michele is sick, so we moved that to Wednesday and Bill called to tell me my meeting was at 1, not 11. So John has to rethink his day tomorrow to coordinate with me. They both called while we were out and I called both of them back to confirm the changes. So it's all mixed up. I think it'll just get more so as I slowly stir work into the whole weird timing mix.

After my nap I fed Jet, got laundry started, and then prepped things for dinner before feeding Jet again. It's so nice to do such ordinary things such as laundry and cooking. They're good breaks from Jet care.

I had seen a mushroom and leek ragu on Molto Mario, and had fun recreating it with wide egg noodles instead of the tagliatelli. Rather more mundane, but easy and available and much faster than hand-making pasta. In the last minutes, I seared two filet mignons and then set them on low heat while I finished up the pasta and nuked peas and carrots for vegitable.

Yummy dinner.

Jet got hungry again only an hour and a half after his last feeding, so I fed him for a while. John got all the bath stuff out and set everything up. Then the two of us tackled Jet and gave him a bath. Once again, he loved the hair washing, and yelled for the bathing. It was warm, though, so we didn't worry too much about him getting too cold. That was nice.

He nearly fell asleep eating off me, again, and then got his bottle. He had a hard time sleeping after that, which makes me mildly afraid of how long he won't sleep tonight, but we'll see.

I really hope that this growth spurt will end, some day. That he won't need so much during the night, and that he'll actually figure out how to sleep all night, eventually. Hopefully before I have to go to full half-time working, again.

I'm a little afraid of tomorrow and the rest of the week. I'm having a hard enough time coping already and adding two hours a day when I'm supposed to be working will be interesting. Then again, we had the time, today, to do rather a lot, and if I just don't cook as heavily for morning and evening, I may well do just fine.

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