April 29, 1998


The morning was great. Got up good and early to get Trip to the airport on time and the ride was really fun in the open top Stoat. We got to talk on the way and the traffic was not that good, but with a car pool we got through quickly and easily and got to the airport in plenty of time to give Trip a solid hug good-bye and send him on his way.

The trip to work was okay too.

Work was interesting and pretty busy, and Genevieve ran a little bit for me at lunch time. That was fun. Had to go, though, and do more meeting and software stuff.

After work we stopped at Target to get some things that I was running out of and John encouraged a small buying binge of mine. He laughed when I said thanks for indulging me and murmured, "Well, it was *so* expensive." I'd bought a de-tangling comb in plastic, some more hair bands, an on-sale citronella candle and an on-sale candle holder. Whee. It amuses me to realize that that is what I think of as a buying binge. From there we wandered home in the near-summer heat.

By then my knee was aching. By the time I got home I was so sore, I only go through about two-thirds of my exercises before I just called it quits and went into the shower and nearly cried as my darned knee made a fine example of nature's usage of swelling. It was nearly entirely immobilized. I really overdid the walking the day before, I guess, as my entire body was just aching and sore and the darned knee had swelled to a point where it felt like it was made from wood. I think that the heat also helped keep the swelling up as I'd forgotten to ice at work.

It hadn't helped that on Tuesday I'd decided that the week of ibuprofen abuse was over and that if I wanted my kidneys, I'd have to stop. As the stuff is good for bringing down inflammation. I just slid down the stairs after my shower just not even wanting to deal with the brace or with the leg on the stairs. So got to dinner and ice packs that way.

Both helped a great deal. Lately, while my body might be hungry I haven't had any appetite for any of the meals that I've tried to eat in the last few days. I also took an ibuprofen and my painkillers and John helped me back up to bed and I just fell asleep. Woke around 2:30 again and the knee was still really weak when I got up for more medication. I did, however, light a couple of candles while I was up, for light to get to the bathroom that wouldn't wake John up and they were lovely. Two candles can fill the bathroom with enough light to just see everything, and that was beautiful.

Got back to sleep envisioning flames dancing in my minds eyes.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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