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April 28, 2001
two years ago
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Shopping Frenzy, Chinese Food, and Bananas Foster

10:13 am: Now I see why John sometimes sleeps to 10:00. I didn't have to get up at 6:30 because Jet got up at 5 after being up at 1 and we gave him 4oz of formula. John was a sweety and took care of Jet until 8am. Jet was hungry then, so I got up and put myself together and fed him.

He was willing to play by himself for a while so I made buttermilk scones. They were done by the time I fed Jet again so I might have time to eat afterwards.

It's later. We had a really busy and fun day and Jet was awake for most of it. Hopefully he'll sleep well tonight.

We did the complete restocking of the kitchen from Safeway this afternoon. Coupons, the Safeway card, and then all the weekly specials as well were all targets of our shopping frenzy. We mostly filled a shopping cart and while in the produce department, John pulled Jet from the car seat and weighed him in one of the vegetable scales. He had to support Jet's head as Jet didn't fit in the basket, but even with that Jet weighed in at 10 and three quarter pounds. Without the diaper and everything that would be ten and a half, plus whatever of Jet's head John was supporting to get him in the thing.

That was pretty cool. We'll have to do it more frequently. It's not as accurate as the doctor scales, but it's a good indication of where Jet is, I think, plus or minus half a pound or so and now it's a matter of pounds, I think.

The whole shopping trip was pretty fun, as we just got stuff and more stuff. It's good to plan these things and we pretty much stocked up and have nearly thirty dinners stocked up at home. Of course a few of those are going to get sacrificed to lunches, but that's a lot of food. Nearly $200 worth, but that's for two to four weeks worth of meals and compared to eating out all that time, it's a trivial amount.

We eat so much more at home, now, and it's funny to realize that with Jet our dishes actually get washed more often, the house gets picked up more, and I do more cooking and enjoy it a lot, too, compared to before we had him. Most expectations indicate a much messier house, less cooking time or something, and more things left undone. I guess we've always done things backwards.

Like after getting all that food, we decided to try oug Lui's Chinese Cuisine, the new Chinese restaurant in Erie, again. We called Ray and Joan and they had been to the zoo, and so weren't up in time for the time John and Jet and I wanted to do dinner.

The three of us went anyway and had the salmon special and a beef and snow peas dish. The salmon dish was surprisingly good, the snow peas were fresh, but they hadn't pulled the strings from them, which disappointed me. It all tasted good, though, and given that it's all just five minutes away from home, that was worth a lot.

During dinner, Ray and Alex came in to order their dinner. That was cool, we talked with them a bit and John told Ray that we'd be by with dessert after dinner. I wanted to do the flaming bananas,and so we dropped by home to grab bananas, butter, brown sugar, brandy, matches, and my pan.

Once we got to the Goodell's we just settled in and Jet was mildly fussy as he usually is in the evening. Tiredness and hunger all in one. So I fed him for a while as we caught up with each other, talked, and watched some TV.

Haley was happily standing while hanging onto things. Her very first birthday is very soon, and she is just happy as can be. It was fun watching her and marveling. I am amazed to think of Jet being like her in a year. She was crawling around, playing boisterously on all kinds of toys and things. She even took her bottle herself, and drank it down while lounging in her Dad's lap and watching us carefully. It was pretty cool.

Just one year from a bitty critter who can't even see more than eight inches and can't do anything for itself to a mobile, self-feeding creature with social and real interactive skills. Amazing.

After I fed Jet, John played with him and Alex while I went and made the flaming bananas. With the height of the flames from when John's parents were here in mind and the fact that three year old Alex was going to eat some of this, likely, I was much too sparing with the brandy. It didn't flame much at all; but it tasted really good. Alex didn't want any on his ice cream, so I didn't really have to have worried about that.

Ray and Joan liked it a lot, though, so that was cool.

It was really fun to just sit and talk with them and be able to do things like feed Jet without a problem. They're also really great to talk with. It turns out that Haley and Alex were both introduced to cereal when they were three months old. After seeing Isabel's account of her first kid having solids his first week and graduating to fruits and vegetables before his firth month was out, I am thinking, more and more, of introducing solids to Jet, eventually.

I want to see how he does at three months, himself, first. He's getting close to the eleven pound==sleep all night level, and we'll just have to see how it goes. I imagine that working might be a bit easier once Jet starts sleeping all night. Though given that I still have to get up and pump, some at least, It might not help me. Then again, I guess if I were thinking he would be sleeping all night, I'd pump just before going to sleep and then just do it once during the night as I know I can go about four hours if I'm completely emptied.

It's going to be an interesting month.

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