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April 10, 2002
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Tax Night

10:07 pm: Tonight was tax night. Jet wasn't that happy to be upstairs the whole time we were double-checking all the items on the biggest word problem ever, but he did okay, all in all. We gave him toys and all kinds of other things but he really wanted someone on the floor with him and when the forms were finally printing I just played with him there and he was far more content and didn't come over and bite my knee or John's shorts.

Tired. I'm pretty tired. I am sick and I think I didn't sleep too well last night because of the cold and my nose and I felt really dried out.

It didn't help to spend most of the morning in meetings. John decided he wanted to see our cubes at the Longmont office on the way to lunch, and everyone else bowed out of going all the way to Longmont for lunch because there's one last crush until strict control of all our code. After next week we're only going to make really vital changes to fix crashes and things that kill the software completely in the customer's hands. Less entropy with fewer changes.

Anyway, everyone is just crazy-busy and I didn't get the thing done from last week that I'd thought would be impossible. It helped to have a problem that someone had introduced into some of the original code and I had a hard time deciphering their coding style. Plus I had to take Friday for the LA trip. Ah well. I now have until Friday, but I feel, a little, like I failed in some ways. It's the two days that were sacrificed to the bug and to the trip, and I should just see it that way.

No one joined us for lunch, and I was kind of starved for some contact. Still, it was okay with me. I can do well without anyone but John and Jet to talk to, but sometimes I want something more. But lunch at Deli Ciosos was good, and it was good to just have a face-to-face with John and talk with him about my present coding problem. He's been doing a lot more Perl work, so he was able to help with some simple syntax problems I was having.

While I have had Unix accounts, pretty much continuously since 1984, I still haven't ever really *gotten* regular expressions, mostly because I haven't really had to use them that much. I don't administer any of the Unix machines I play and work on, but I'm finding that the syntax is very elegant and strictly minimalist, as most Unix things are. It's interesting.

Home again home again, and Jet fell asleep while eating. I worked the next two hours, had a meeting where I wasn't able to listen as well as I might have been able to hear. I feel mildly stupid about it. But it's one of the prices of being remote, I think. I just don't track meeting things as well as when I'm actually there. Or it's just because I was too tired to track the subject. I don't really know.

After Jet woke up and John fed him we took Jet and the stroller out to Erie Village, the place with all the cute, colorful, multi-architectural houses that makes for a real hodge podge of houses. It's kind of fun, especially with all the picket fences, small lawns, and front porches. Except that after the winter a lot of the lawns are dead and on a closer view quite a lot of the landscaping in the neighborhood is actually made of river rocks, pebbles, or huge amounts of bark, all of which is very water conscious, but hard on baby hands and feet.

Jet did walk for about a sixth of our walk, and made frequent detours for dried grass tufts, intriguing colors of rock, and every mound of bark he could get his hands into. When he was set down on the concrete of a driveway ramp he'd go across pretty quickly, though, little arms swinging and legs pumping and body with the little swagger he's developed just since all the walking he did in LA. He was intrigued by everything.

We were mildly intrigued by the second stage of development, which looked like they were all on mildly larger lots and the houses were just a bit larger as well as more expensive. They were still in those stunning colors, though, one a deep hunter green, another the gray of a silver salmon with the scaled shingles for the roof and Victorian in style. It was fun to look, at least. And the walk was long enough for me to feel it, which was good since Joan was too wiped out to go swimming tonight, and I was tired enough from my cold to not want to do it myself.

John made a fish slab dinner while I sent a few bits of email that he and I remembered we should do. Then we did the tax thing and finally we ended up downstairs and Jet needed to play for a while before he could go to sleep. So we watched the new Good Eats on clams and then he pumpkined and we changed him, cleaned out his nose and gave him the cold medicine one last time. I think he'll be okay by tomorrow. Of course, Haley seems to be coming down with something.

So it is with a kid.

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