April 20, 1998

Weird Happenings

The weirdest sensation in the world is having a doctor wrap a bit of thread around a pair of scissors and then *pull* and you can feel nearly two inches of your skin pulling with it and something sliding out. Yeesh.

Yeah. Dr. Thayer pulled the stitches today. Took a good look and got an X-Ray of the joint and I got to see the two screws set in the bones of my leg against the plugs of bone from either end of the borrowed center third of my patella tendon. That was eerie to see. I don't think that two screws are going to show up on a metal scan, but it means that I do have metal now in my body. Weird.

I got more painkillers, instructions on when to wear my brace and when not to (hoorah!! I don't have to wear it sleeping anymore!!) and that I should be off my crutches in a week. Wow.

I have to admit that I'm kinda in a slump. Just tired all the time and the leg is sore a lot with work and sitting and I don't seem to be getting anywhere with my exercises because everything hurts so much. So I am feeling kinda down about it all. But I suspect that it'll get better someday. I have to make appointments for physical therapy and I'm really unenthused. But I probably just should do it anyway.

Then we got home to find Fezzik just slumped in the lobby of the house. He was just lying there listlessly and his nose was cold, so he was probably okay, but I worried as I did my exercises and John went off on another meeting. I finally finished and wobbly kneed, I approached Fezzik, who hadn't moved an inch. I got two dog biscuits and fed him one. He wouldn't even raise his head for it. Then another, where I got him to raise his head. Then, fairly frighteningly, when I showed him the third, out of his reach, he tried to use his two front legs to *drag* himself towards me. That was probably the scariest thing I've ever witnessed.

Then I had to be sure, so I attached a leash to Fezzik's collar and... well... he stood up and walked, without a problem, out into the livingroom. Yeesh. The relief was pretty crazy. And then he wandered over to his dog dish and ate voraciously and drank what was left of the water. Then, since it was Monday, I put a lead on him and we went out. Me on my crutch clutching a dog leash to a dog that could run away with me even when I was whole. It was nearly laughable.

But he was really good, really patient with my slowness and we got around the yard and he wasn't really interested in doing anything eventhough he'd been in the house all day and all the night before. Amazing capacity that dog has. But we meandered nicely about in the cold night air, and then got back into the house, where I gave him a rawhide bone. He carried it off happily, and by the time I made it back into the livingroom, I found the bone abandoned, and Fezzik lying in a sad mound right on top of all my exercise equipment.

So I petted him and fussed over him and hugged him a lot and he seemed to cheer up a little.

At about 10 pm, I called the church and they said that John had left fifteeen minutes ago, and would soon be home, so, for the first time in weeks, I made dinner. Just heated up more of the noodle cassarole that Jenny had made, but it was enough. John actually danced at the fact that I had made dinner for him. *laughter*

And then John did both Fezzik and I the favor of taking Fezzik for a walk because I hadn't really been able to. And John reassured me when he got back that Fezzik had seemed just fine during the walk and did all his usual things, so that was good to know. But it had been the weirdest thing to have Fezzik dragging himself with his front legs.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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