April 30, 1998

The Same Thing

"What'r we gonna do Today, Brain?"

"What we do *every* day, Rosty."

"Ya mean go home, do PT'cersizes, ice, shower, eat dinner and then fall dead asleep, Brain?"

"Yes, Rosty. Precisely that."

The days do fall into that mold lately. Other than the days when I have PT during the day, that is. Luckly Trip came on one of the off-beat days, but on the PT days I'm usually so sore that it's hard to do a lot more than veg in front of the TV. So we've seen a lot of hockey, a lot of Buffy and I have Madonna's Ray of Light album permanently imprinted on my brain because it's a very good album for doing my exercises to.

Work was useful. Did a test program that pointed out that my design was impeccable, just that I'd plugged it into the wrong place in the old code. Whee. The darned thing just worked, dropped into the right place. That was sweet, to know that the design really was that solid, that I could just write and go.

Played a little more during lunch in Genevieve's game again, and finished off the sequence most satisfactorily. I'm going to have to write up the full-color/texture dream I had about Sephar the second night for Demi and for myself, I think. It was really solid.

Finally getting back into contact with Raven after a week's hiatus as he had a visitor. It's nice to be talking with him again.

Also had Regis over for dinner. It's always odd to have someone watching me while I exercise, and at PT, at least, I understand that they know that I'm going to be taking some time and really boring repetition. It's harder when someone else is watching me that I'm half hoping that I'm not boring. Got verbal confirmation from Regis to reassure my silly fears and that helped a lot. Got through everything, showered, came down and asked John to make mashed potatoes. He was a sweetie and did so while I nuked meatloaf and vegetables and the three of us ate while we watched Regis' copy of the new episode of Buffy from the night before. That was really good.

The episode was really good. There's a complexity to the show that's unusual in TV today, with some lovely personality development. Willow is so different from the girl in the first episode of the series, and the others have grown as well. It's really interesting juxtaposing the episodes from the first season that John and I have been watching with this new one. It's very keen to see. Very enjoyable.

Sleep was hard, as things were sore from the warm day again, and I managed after a while of tossing and turning. Woke at 2 and at 5 and then at 7:30, each time without solid dreams, this time. I guess having things get completely resolved in the Fiat game made it so that I didn't have to think things through anymore in my dreams, or work them out.

Instead, I woke with the next half a dozen classes to add to the warning structure mapped out in my head.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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