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It's a beautiful day. Completely.

Raven reminded me it was Beltane. Genevieve said that unmarried young girls are to wash their faces with the morning dew. Luckly I'm married and not young. But then the Stoat did the washing for me, as its crossbar had morning dew on it.

And John gave me a whole box of chocolate yesterday. Bernard C. chocolates. Better than Godiva, even. Lovely, smooth rich creatures of complete comfort.

Yes. One for breakfast helped everything.

Even got up fairly decently and felt okay on the most part. Got stuff done at work. Not just went to physical therapy but *drove* myself. John's out next week, so I may be working at home, which isn't a bad thing, but there is a day when I have to go to PT and I'll have to get around, somehow. So it was good to know that I could drive and do it with fair grace.

The heat seems to be the problem, in some ways, as it's getting the knee to swell a bit more than I like.

Therapy went well. In fact, I surprised Lisa by getting well beyond the degrees of flexing that we anticipated, so that was good. I was surprised at the front desk when they told me that my appointment wasn't in their book. Luckily, Rick was there and went back to find out if they could fit me in, and they did. So that was good. Turned out that Lisa had a bit of free time, and between other folks Rick did check in on me, but most of my exercises could be done by myself. So I did. Learned a few new ones that were just a touch frightening, like a forward lunge.

But it was just this side of doable, which likely means that it was right to do them. It iced down well, and it's aching a bit more again, so I should ice it. Carl says that I should write an article like the Reader's Digest, "I am Liralen's knee." and have it tour you through all the in's and outs. Hey. I have my MRI scans and my pictures from the surgery, I should probably put those up, cut them into nice pieces so that they can be explained.

That would be an interesting project for the weekend. It might be fun, too.

Well, the weather report keeps changing around. We'll see how it ends up, if it rains over the weekend, I'll likely end up at work, if it doesn't, I want to wander around outside. But it seems fairly likely that it will rain well.

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