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April 2, 1999
a year ago

Snow Unpacking

When we woke up the world had changed.

There was about five inches of snow covering everything, outside when I woke up with the light. For some reason I was up and up solidly while John stayed asleep. Fezzik was roaming around the livingroom area, so I clipped a leash on him and took him out into the snow. He loved it, went wading through snow buried bushes with the greatest of vigor and covering himself with the white stuff. It was pretty amazing. He also watered the bushes happily, which was some of the cause for his restlessness and the two of us went on a ramble through the white wonderland that the world had become.

All the lines were done, softened, buried under white. The cargo van was a snowhouse, now, snow covering the windsheild and most of the windows as well as a thick layer of it on the roof. I was glad that we'd moved all the plants into the house days ago.

When I got back, John had made coffee, and we drank it, then went and ate breakfast in the main breakfast room, and then packed everything up. We thought we'd trade the van in for a rental car on our way out, but given just how much stuff there was, plus Fezzik we decided it wouldn't be that good an idea. So we took the whole circus off to the house, after stopping off at Safeway right next to the Homewood Suites, and got a few necessary groceries. We were getting our refrigerator that afternoon, come snow or shine, and so we thought it might not be a bad thing to have some stuff to put in it.

Turns out the roads were clear and wet and fairly simple driving, better than we'd feared, so the new plan worked out just fine.

I started on the master suite stuff while John drove off into the snow to exchange cars and get a few things. One of the things that I insisted on was a couple of ice scrapers/brushes and a snow shovel. We didn't have any of that stuff, which surprises some folks here, as they thought Seattle was cold. As I was cutting open the first box, after setting up the radio, there was a doorbell... and I checked the front door, and then finally realized there was a doorbell on the backdoor as well, and went there. I found an older appliance guy getting mooched by Fezzik. Turns out that he'd fed Fezzik a milkbone and Fezzik was nuzzling his hands for more when he was waiting at the door. What a mooch pooch.

The appliance guy was laughing. Which was good, and between his expertise and some improvisation on my part, we got most of the snow off the front steps and he was able to back the truck to the front stairs and get the new fridge into the house. I was very impressed, as he inched along that huge mass with delicate precision and much consciousness of where all the walls and door frames were and put it into perfect position fairly easily. I enjoyed watching that.

The sun came out while we were doing all that, and I had to put sunglasses on just to go outside as the glare off the brilliant, white snow was worse than just the sunshine itself. Fezzik had a good time galloping through the fluffy stuff and lay on it whenever he could get out to lay on the porch. He loved it.

Eventually, that was all done, and I bent to the task of unpacking the masterbedroom. John got back and started on the kitchen. And that's most of what we did for the day. I slowly waded through all the boxes of clothes, nightstand stuff and then all the odd things we'd had in our closets and put them all away. The bathroom stuff took about twice as long as there was twice as much stuff, though in less space. That was exhausting, and a tiny version of all the moving decision making we had to do yesterday.

I think the hardest thing is just having to decide where things should go. Putting them there is just a simple action, a small expenditure of muscle energy. The hardest bit is just figuring out where. Especially for me, as I'm not very good at 'just deciding.' One cool thing was getting to unpack the writing desk and then pack it with my writing stuff, and even pulling out all the nicknacks we've stored there for years and sticking them into a box to be stuck in storage or thrown away or given away or something.

Dinner was a can of soup and some bread we'd bought from Safeway and we were just about to go to sleep when Walt and Cathie appeared. It was good timing, as I took a bath and as I was getting out of it I heard the car crunching on our driveway. I woke John up and we went out to greet 'em and they hugged us and sent us back to sleep. I'm really glad of house guests that can take care of themselves.

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