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April 4, 1999
a year ago


The weekend with the other Rostyki was really, really good. Walt and Cathie are a lot like John and I in that they're professionals that can run around like crazy because they don't have any kids, and they're intelligent and fun and pretty motivated in all that they do. It's always cool to have Walt and John together because they interact so well together, playing off each other, especially for humor value as well as in brainstorming solutions.

Having two extra hands that weren't attached to minds or hearts that were attached to the things in the house really helped with unpacking. John and I could make the decisions of what where, and they'd just put the stuff there instead of lingering at all over something that had an emotional attachment as well, or waffling over where it really should go. The first day they tore through all the rest of the kitchen, the livingroom and all the china hutch stuff. There were lots of big boxes filled with a lot of paper and packing material that really protected our stuff.

I really, truly, utterly recommend Graebel movers because nothing really got crushed, and nothing was totally broken, and all of the china, crystal, and every bit of glass and glassware in the kitchen and the whole of the precious ceramics and hand-made stuff we had all got through without a ding, crack, or even a nick. The two things that did get damaged were a really, really cheap CD rack made from pressboard and plastic laminate and one of the fenders on John's mountain bike got broken. That's about it.

Given how much attention and detail work they did in packing everything, I'm actually not surprised that nothing was broken. They knew what they were doing and they did it really well. I was very impressed. And I now know why they were somewhat upset with the boxes that John and I had packed, as they had no idea if the stuff in those boxes were packed well enough to survive the trip, and with the boxes that we didn't indicate as being things we really didn't want them to pack again, they actually took everything out, packed it for sure, and then put it in the truck. That was rather impressive.

That afternoon, they ran through the entire garage, and got pretty much all of John's parts, tools, and stuff up on the walls, on shelves, or on the workbench. The whole garage was filled with boxes, but by the time I looked in on them, it was completely cleared bare. It was a pretty remarkable change. We took one break on Saturday for me to get food to cook for dinner and do a little shopping around Boulder. We wandered about the Pearl Street Mall and stopped at the Peppercorn and I bought myself something that I've promised myself for some time, a good chef's knife by Hinkle.

Dinner was in a completely cleared kitchen that night. I managed to do the garlic and rosemary chicken with brown rice and a bundle of sweet, crisp asparagus that was quick and easy to put together. Sometimes I think the point to cooking often is to learn how to do it more quickly so that it just gets easier with practice and simple is often really good to eat. Anyway, it felt really good then.

It really felt, finally, like home. With all the stuff scattered in useful places throughout the house, and being able to walk through rooms without bumping into boxes. Doing basic living things like being able to cook and sleep and brush ones teeth were really marvelous again.

Fezzik was doing just fine, in the sun and the snow, he seemed much more comfortable with the whole situation, now that we were still, in one place, and pulling out all kinds of things that were familiar to him. He liked just hanging around with us and around the house, laying out in the snow or the grass and watching when we were away. He would greet us all enthusiastically whenever we came home and basically looked like he was much happier.

We took Walt and Cathie to Dot's Sunday morning, and they enjoyed the ambiance as well as the food. The day was just gorgeous, sunny and hot, a surprise after all the snow and cold, it was warm in the parking lot in the sunshine while we waited for a table. I just basked as the three of them talked. By the time we finished, there were twenty or more folks wandering about the parking lot rather than just us. Good timing. Then we wandered about a bit, exploring for a lot of the morning. In part to just look around at the surroundings and see what there was to see and talk some things through. That was fun. Together we managed to find a brew store that had prices that were better than those in Albuquerque, so Walt stocked up on a few things and John and I had fun looking around. I want to brew root beer again and John wants to do some beer again. They left in the early afternoon as it was an eight hour drive back for them, and they hit snow just south of Denver all the way to New Mexico, but got home safely.

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