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April 5, 1999
a year ago

Home Again

Went to work this morning, for the first time, and it's quite the experience, everything new but all the old boxes of stuff that's old and familiar all being stacked into the new cubicle. It's very much smaller than my old office, none of the bookshelf space that I'm so used to, and that's kinda difficult. I'm probably going to have to put books in filing cabinets. So that'll be different.

The drive to work wasn't all that bad, all in all, and it was sunny in the right direction, i.e. the sun was coming at us from our backs. That was nice, and the length of the drive isn't bad at all, especially since there's no traffic and we were pretty much moving the entire time through newly green farms and with a full view of the mountains to the front. I really enjoyed the difference with that. I think that I'm finally at peace. There's nothing as big to worry about anymore and that seems to make all the difference. Things are finally more under our control than not, though there are a few things that aren't under our control that's now outnumbered by the things that are back in our hands.

Odd how it comes down to 'control', when, in fact, so little really is. But the illusion is back in place and that feels pretty good, all in all. It's nice knowing that all our stuff is safe again in the places that it's supposed to be.

It really is a few thousand miles from where all this stated, emotionally as well as physically.

The place is nice, the people are nice, and I'm going through the usual throes of getting everything into some kind of order, including the machine that I'm working on, which has nothing on it. That's kinda nice, too, to know that this thing is only going to get the stuff that I want to put on it on it. That there isn't any history and isn't any clutter and isn't anything that I have to pull off in order to make room for the things that I really want to put on it. That should be cool, all in all.

Wow, they gave both John and I flowers on our first day with a welcome. Tiger lilies and a kind of yellow carnation plus stuff that's green. It's very pretty and brings a bit of life into the office. I should probably bring my African violets in, they'll like the diffuse light.

The mountains are just gorgeous, and stretch all the way from the north horizon to the south along the west edge of the world. We get to see them all the way out to work, and they're just beautiful and the weather seems as changeful as the weather in Seattle. Sunshine some days, cloudy and misty others, and there's a lot of beauty to be had under a wide open sky. It's been a decade since we've had a house with a long distance view, the house in Redmond was mostly hemmed in by the trees. The shadows were always long on the house in Redmond, out here there's nothing to block the sun. I noticed, on the way in that my hands were already more tan than they used to be. That's a very visible change.

The other thing that I've noticed is that I always have my sunglasses where I can find them, and I always remember to bring them with me when I go out, now. That's a really big change from Seattle. In Seattle, they have the highest per capita consumption of sunglasses because every year I lost 'em when the world was dark outside because I never needed them and the time period until it was bright again was so long that I just wouldn't be able to remember where I put them. So I'd buy myself another pair the next summer. So when we came to unpacking our stuff, we found about half a dozen pairs of cheap sunglasses all scattered throughout everything. That was pretty funny.

The Oakley's however, are the only pair that really stand up to the sun up here. We're closer to the sun, now and it seems to really make a difference in the intensity of the light. The plants are actually really happy up on top of the kitchen shelves. That's pretty cool.

Work was somewhat frustrating as I didn't really know how to get things done. Who to talk to, where to go and what was expected of me, so I didn't get much done. I also couldn't find my dictation software, so the account of the move and drive itself may take me a while to get up. There are also some really nice pictures, but I'm not really sure how many of them I'll actually put up. If I'm careful, one a day may well be more than enough.

We got home early, today, as the appliances guys were going to come and hook up our washer and dryer and the ice making machine in the freezer. They did a great job, and were personal in the interaction, and I think we're really going to like having them as the backup for all the stuff we bought. The older of the two loves Fezzik a lot and likes to feed him treats. That's pretty cool. It's very nice having done the shopping before and knowing what we wanted just being able to buy it. John did the checkbook balancing afterwards and it looks like we'll be okay until our relocation bonuses come in. I now get paid more now that I'm in Boulder and we get a nice chunk of money for having moved and having signed up with them. Part of that is to make up for the taxes and costs of having to move, but there's enough extra for a sizable bonus that could count as a type of signing bonus.

That will be nice. It should cover the new washer, dryer and fridge neatly, as we did have to buy them again because of the move. The house that we were moving into didn't include them, and the buyers asked for them from our old house; all together it's nicer, though, as the new appliances are nicer than the ones that were in the house and they're more useful, on the whole, than the ones we left behind. The bottom freezer puts the fridge on top, which is what we go in and out of the most anyway, so all the cool stuff is at eye level rather than all the way down to the floor. The dryer has a much more useful door on it, and our old sweater rack can actually work with it, so one more thing I have to remember when I go back to get it and bring it back.

Then the guy came with the Range Rover and the beached whale, Moby Dick, who doesn't run yet. They hired a flatbed tow truck to get the trucks out to our place, and that guy really liked Fezzik, too. What is this with our dog? Anyway, he delivered the first two and went back for the utility trailer while I made enchiladas from the stuff in the fridge. A friend from one of the furry MUSH's called and since we've been trying to get together all week, I asked him to come over and have dinner with us and that was very much fun. I'd never seen him before and the attitude, intelligence and wit were very entertaining. I think we'll have friends here in the long run.

He left to get back to work, and we got the utility trailer just as he left. So we were set, and as the sun was dropping below the mountains, we took a short walk along one of the side roads with Fezzik. Fezzik was happy and bouncy and walking very comfortably. Since we've gotten here his arthritus really seems to have disappeared. The lack of the constant wet cold seems to have made him feel much better, so he was bouncing and running and sniffing and weaving back and forth happily as we walked and watched the shadows of the mountains loom large.

I think we're finally home again

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