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April 14, 1999
a year ago

A Loss of Identity

Lost a piece of my identity today. We went to get our drivers licenses from Colorado today at the DMV, and it turns out that when you surrender your out of state license, they really mean that you surrender it. I have now completely lost my old Washington State drivers license with the odd letters and combinations. Washington licenses actually make sense, they have the first five letters of your last name, the first initial, the last initial, then a number that's essentially your birthdate lightly encoded, and then a few random letters and numbers for ID purposes.

The Colorado license numbers are just a jumble of digits. Grump.

The taking away was unexpected, as in Washington, when old licenses expire, they just punch 'em to invalidate 'em, and then you get to keep them as photo I.D. So when they said that I couldn't have mine back, it felt really weird. It's the one drivers license picture where my hair is entirely blue. And they wouldn't fill in 'blue' for my hair color, put in black, which I didn't object to as I'm not sure if I'll ever really bleach everything again. I like my long hair too much to subject it to that kind of abuse again, I think.

Okay, so it's probably the best ID picture I've ever had, and the Colorado picture has got me with glowing eyes, and just the glints of blue along my collar, and the new card is nice and fun. Also, it was the smallest hassle I've ever had in getting a new license, not to mention that it was a transfer of an out of state license. They just gave me an eye test, that's it. Compared to the labyrinth of insanity that is the California DMV, this was quite refreshing. Fifteen bucks is all you need, and that was that. I had a new, warm, drivers license in my grubby hands.

Good thing, too, as it's been snowing all day. Pelting, big, wet sloppy snow this morning, more fine stuff this afternoon, but all the roads have just been wet and clear and easy to drive.

Spent most of the evening eating ramen, then writing a little with quills, then watching a guy do magic on the street. Mostly slight of hand and mental tricks, but it was really cool to watch as I couldn't figure out how he was doing most of what he was doing. That was fun to see. David Blaine? That might have been the name of the guy.

It was nice to go to sleep at home, though, I'll admit that when I first got back last night, from DIA, I got hit by the contrast of being in Redmond, where I know where every little thing is from exactly which stations serve diesel to where the best lattes are back to the land where I know nothing. It's really hard in that aspect. I should probably call Colleen and ask for things like a good hair dresser that won't freak at the green, a dentist that knows something about Maryland bridges, and maybe a good place to find flowers. Roses.

I felt better already, today, though. It's useful just to get back into the swing of the everyday, and we stopped by Whole Foods market before going home. I needed green onions, and it turned out that they had utterly beautiful Chinese eggplant, pale and perfect. So I bought a few and added some lean ground pork (which I've never been able to find in Redmond, though Larry's had it, they were just further out) so that I can make an eggplant dish tomorrow.

Just being in a market that has somewhat remarkable and remote things helped. Maybe it's just establishing, again, some of my identity.

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