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April 15, 1999
a year ago


Spent most of today filling in all the gaps in the journal and my hands really are feeling the effort. I'm just getting pretty tired and the tendons are feeling it. Thing is that I'm probably going to get a home machine and do a lot of this in dictation if I'm going to keep this up. Work is now a set of cubes and even if I stay late or get in early, there's someone around and it's just harder to do all the dictation necessary for a few week's existance.

When we left the house, this morning, there were four inches of snow on the back porch; but nearly nothing on the roads once we got into Boulder County. Not that far, the roads around the house were just a bit slushy but still navigatible, though the ones down by Denver were supposed to be a lot worse. I'm glad of where we live as we seem to not get the worst of any of the weather, though we do get a taste of it.

Fezzik had a good time wading through all the snow.

By the time we came back home, it was all gone.

Today was pay day. We got the bonuses that they'd said we get and it was enough of a haul to make the bank scramble when we went into the Erie branch of FirstBank and deposited all these slips of blue check paper. It's all funny money to me, at that kind of amount. The good thing was knowing that we could go across the street to Taco Mine and buy their one pint of everything dinner and not feel guilty about spending $10 on a yummy, hot dinner.

We also had to look in the liquor store as there were only four shops, really in all of Erie, so we had to see all the ones we could. They were stocked in a middling kind of way, good enough for John to get some good beers and I got a Squirt.

Dinner was fast. A guy from work bought the entertainment center we couldn't fit into the house. It's a nice, oak center from Costco, but it's so huge, we sold it for a fairly low price and simply asked them to haul it away. They did, leaving the truck canopy for the first trip then coming back for it later. John, in the meantime, went off to the Erie police department to get all the VIN numbers checked on the various Land Rovers that would drive. He got the Range Rover and the Stoat all checked and ready, so we'll probably go into Fort Lupton tomorrow morning to get license plates.

While he was busy with all that, I read Patricia McKillip's Song for the Basilisk. I love her fantasy, as it's always as rich and subtle and tightly woven as a good tapestry, threads from the beginning stretching to the end.

Baileys and ice cream were a good dessert and made it really easy for me to fall asleep.

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