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August 12, 2000
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Six Plus Car Hours

Full, full day today. All the car riding didn't do so badly, because I managed to sleep for most of it. Though the scheduling was all funky.

Instead of making breakfast for everyone, we decided to go to Santiago's and get breakfast there. So I chowed while waiting for Bob and Mai and Andrew, as I needed to get something in me that wasn't spicy. I also am suffering mildly from that common pre-natal ailment of constipation, and if I wanted a bowel movement before getting in a car for two plus hours, I'd better trigger it *now*. So I did and everyone got aquainted while I did what I had to do, and then we went off to Santiago's.

They have really excellent breakfast burritos there. Lots of keen options and lots of good food in them. John got huevos rancheros and I also fed him half of my burrito with cheese as I wasn't very hungry but it's always good to taste things and have a little food. It was yummy.

The sky was overcast, which was such a godsend. I was just so happy to be *cool* instead of roasting under the glass of the car. Walt and Cathie rode with us, and the three Hamiltons rode in Bob's car, and the two cars caravaned up into the mountains. The traffic was awful. Some of it was due to an accident in the on-coming lane, which was just people rubbernecking, another slowdown happened at what was obviously the end point of a long, local run and people were just slowing down to look, of all things. Growl.

It took a while. When we got to Avon, we went to the visitor's center and asked where things were. Turns out that the Bobfest was in the local park, not at the site of the bridge... hm... stories... I should probably fill in the story.

So. A dozen or so years ago, Avon built a bridge and they held a naming contest to name the bridge. The result of the contest was that the bridge was named Bob. So every year on the anniversary of the opening of Bob, they have a Bobfest with Bob B Que, games, boothes, live music, and lots of people. Most of the town's merchants give Bobs a discount, and the Bobs register and everyone can win stuff in the free raffle.

There was a Hawaiian plate being sold there, and I was starving by the time we got there, so John and I shared a plate and everyone else ate various things. Then we wandered about to see what there was to see, which wasn't all that much, until John got the idea that we really should see Bob the Bridge before we left. So we walked over to the bridge. Not that long a walk, and it was fun to just stand there and watch the river flow by underneath us. The river rock there was just gorgeous, layered and multi-colored and beautiful. Bob, itself, was pretty simple. Just a bridge over the river on one of the center thoroughfares of the town. There was even a Starbucks across the street.

So we trooped over there, got drinks, sat and had fun just talking while we used the bathroom, and got rehydrated. Then we walked back towards Bobfest and found a sports store doing a Bob's Garage Sale of all the mid-winter stuff they couldn't normally sell in the summer. All the stuff that was left over from the winter and they had to get rid of, including some really nice trekking boots and various snowboards, skies, and coats. Nearly everyone tried on at least one pair of treking boots. They even had some really nice cold weather women's boots, which Mai didn't have a pair of, so John pursuaded her that the should try them on, at least, and when they fit really well, she did, finally buy them. Comfy boots. That's when she found out that on top of the sale price, Bob got another 10% off! That made Mai's day, though she had one other desire.

In the park there was a man made lake that had paddle boats all over it, and Mai has never been in one of those and she really, really wanted to go. So Bob paid for a boat, and Mai, John, Bob and Andrew went off in it. Later Walt switched with Andrew and they paddled about some more. While this was happening, a big wind came up and with the wind at their back, they zoomed on out over the lake, and took a very, very long time getting back in. Luckily, Cathie and I found a good sheltered spot to just sit and watch and talk a bit. The overcast sky had gotten more thickly so, with small sprinkles of rain here and there and between that and the wind it actually got pretty chilly. It felt so good after all those weeks of intensive, continuous heat.

I just relaxed into it, enjoyed it. When they were done paddling, we wandered over to the ice cream truck in the whipping wind and pretty much all had ice cream. That was pretty funny. We listened to the music for a bit and by then it was raining, whipping wind, and very, very few people were showing up. The food booths were being blown around. It looked like it was going to be an interesting evening, but I had to get home to pick up Genevieve.

So we left.

The traffic didn't really get any better, but we did manage to get home in plenty of time for me to go get Genevieve. Walt, Cathie and John ran off to dinner while I went off to get Genevieve. I got to DIA in plenty of time, parked quickly, did the thing that pregnant ladies with active kidneys have to do, and got to her gate about five minutes before her plane pulled in. Plenty of time. She came off in the first fifth of the plane and I waved her over when she was looking about for folks and we hugged solidly. That was good. She looked exhausted, no wonder given that it was probably four in the morning for her and she hadn't done that well on one of the legs of her flight. But she'd survived, she was here, and it looked like everything had arrived in one piece.

So we went to luggage claim to be sure it was all in one piece.

It took a little detective work to figure out which baggage claim was hers, but we managed just fine. And we even had comfortable chairs for a while, until the conveyor actually started up and then she jumped up to look for her bag. It took a while, as these things do, but, in the end, it was here, safe and sound. On the ride back, we talked and talked and talked and she didn't want to nap in the car, prefering to get to our house and into her bed at the proper time so that she could adjust more easily in the long run. We talked about story stuff and In Nomine stuff and hopes for other books. It was fun and made the hour long drive back much shorter, though I had to listen just a bit harder to decipher her British accent and sentence structure. It brought home to me, again, that someone that just tries to fake a British accent is really obvious, because the more common sentence structures in spoken form are simply different than American equivalents.

We got home and I went upstairs with Genevieve to make sure that she had sheets, towels, and we made the bed together. She liked the house and the room, which was good. She really liked the shelves and shelves of books up there, which is even better. We came back down just as Rosty and his folks got home. I put a pot of water on and some butter to brown and was mildly grumpy at being hungry when Walt said, "We could have brought some food back for you." And, being my grumpy, hungry self, I snapped, "Well, you didn't, did you?" Surprised Cathie and Walt a lot with that and John laughed and said, "Ooo... they haven't seen you lately, when you're hungry." Walt stumbled a little, tried to blame it on John and I just laughed. I guess I sounded angry when I wasn't, really. I fed myself browned butter and mizithra on spaghetti, not exactly Best Bet Diet, but it was filling, satisfying and, I think because I'm in my second trimester, it didn't make me feel at all ill afterwards.

Happy sigh.

Genevieve then pulled all the tricks out of her back and presented me with not only all the English-style Harry Potter books but also a brilliantly colored baby blanket! It's gorgeous, deep, brilliant colors that are all mixed together and variagated so that if stuff were spilled on it it would just shrug it off. Three baby gifts in one weekend. Hoorah!

Genevieve soon stumbled to bed and so did I. Busy, busy day, but I survived it and actually feel okay! Hoorah!

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