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August 17, 2000
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Biscuits and Jelly

Busy, busy, busy day at work. Exhausted by the time we could head home. So John got a fine plan for the evening. We went home, got Genevieve, and went to Popeye's for dinner. Classic American fried chicken and biscuits, American biscuits, flaky, buttery, tender and crisp around the edges, not cookies. We got the spicy fried chicken and it had the nice edge and wasn't too hot for any of us. We polished off the eight piece combo handily with mashed potatoes and cajun gravy. Genevieve was very pleased to sample this American delicacy in such fine fashion.

I felt much, much better afterwards. Food is an amazing cure-all for my present tirednesses.

After dinner, which was a good plan anyway, we went to the Safeway to get a few things. I wanted, badly, to make an English Trifle while Genevieve was here to make sure that I did it 'right', i.e. as the native English did it rather than the American translations of it which frequently have cake layered with jam and fruit and whipped cream. Genevieve was pretty insistant that it should be jelly, not jam and custard, not whipped cream. We found some sponges that would do, which turned out to be strawberry shortcake cakes. And as we were wandering about, Genevieve ahemed mildly and said that it should be jelly, not jarred jam, you know, jelly mix from a packet. It made me blink, I mean, we don't have jelly mix. But I went to the aisle that had pectin just to be sure, and Genevieve ignored that completely and pounced on the Jell-O (tm) boxes!!!


Britain and the United States, two countries seperated by a common language.

So it turns out that her mom tears up the sponge, then pours raspberry Jell-O on it with whatever raspberries she has. Puts it in the fridge to cool while making the custard, and then pours that on top and lets the whole things set afterwards. Now that is very different than the gussed up versions I'd seen in the cookbooks, seems very much more like home cooking, when the cake's gone stale and you need a cool dessert for summer.

So I made it. We'll see how it turns out tomorrow.

It was fairly late when I was done, so we just popped in a few episodes of Powerpuff Girls and then went to sleep giggling.

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