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August 16, 2000
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Back to Work

I guess I should have expected it, but I really didn't like being back at work today. Then again, I also picked the day where I have the most meetings and I don't get to have lunch with John and I'd promised the women engineers at work that I'd meet them for lunch instead of just eating at my desk and being useful.

I also had a design review this morning that I was just dreading. Ugh. Mostly because it's just a review, partially because I don't think I'm as far along as I should be, really. Then again, I always think that. Nothing new. It actually went pretty well, eventhough, the meeting before it overran by fifteen minutes and then mine overran for a bit.

So I was late and I ran for my purse and sunglasses and Brandi suddenly stepped out of her office with a brisk, "I'm your driver to lunch!" I blinked then laughed, "You had to stay late, too?"

We were supposed to have had a women engineers lunch and the original plan had been for everyone to leave at 11:30; but I had my meeting until noon, now even past noon, and it turned out that Brandi had had such a meeting as well. So both of us were late, and it was funny to find out that Brandi didn't mind being late, either. In fact, she was as ambivalent about it as I was. I mean... getting together with a bunch of women? I said that aloud and Brandi laughed, "I was thinking that but *I* didn't say it!"

Sure. I said it. It's funny the ambivalence a bunch of us feel at this. So many of us have worked, so long, to not be noticed for our sex and only for our abilities that deliberately doing this is just weird. Maybe it's our generation or time of education as both Brandi and I are in our thirties, and we both feel pretty much the same way. Oddly as if this isn't a safe thing to be doing, or even something that's very much fun. I don't know if Brandi looks at the newish wave of geekgrrls the way that I do, but it's something of an indicator for me that time does move on and attitudes really do change. I'm actually glad that there will be a generation of girls that feel that the technical world is their right, and that they don't have to sacrifice being a girl to do it.

Lunch was yummy. We went to the Gondolier and found out that most of the other women had arrived just before we did, so they were still figuring out what to order. To my relief we actually talked a very long while about how the software division was being reorganized, that an entire section leader was leaving soon and how things were going to be divvied up while they looked for a successor, and then a bunch about various software projects. So it wasn't just all cakes and kids and puppy dog tales. I was pleased by that.

The food was as good as it ever is. Homemade style Italian food. I had the baked shelled stuffed with ricotta and spinach and the tomato sauce on that was really savory and tasty and chunky with olives, tomatoes, garlic, onion, and sweet fresh tomatoes. I loved it. So I got back to work nice and full and happy. It hadn't been too painful, as Brandi said, and it was kinda nice to just connect up and try this new attitude out. Funny to be able to talk about pregnancy and stuff and not really bore anyone to tears.

The afternoon was kinda mixed, a one on one with the boss, and just meandering about a bit. For some odd reason our DNS at work changed on Friday, so I couldn't get to flick for a while, and while I was writing these things all along, I couldn't put them up until I bugged Bryant and he got me back on. Whew.

The weather was just marvelous, it clouded over early and then it got darker and then it rained and rained and rained.

By the time it was time to go home, I was low on blood sugar, tired, and very ready to head home. We phoned China Gourmet, ordered yummy stuff and then drove over to get it and get it home. Fast food that I can admire, and probably eat for the next few days. We all enjoyed it when we got it home.

Fezzik's paw seems to be better. There's now a slit in the bump and pus is draining out very well. So it's no longer red and angry and I guess the washing and the antiseptic helped. So we did all that again, and I slathered the antiseptic on thoroughly. Fezzik took one lick and then tried, really hard, to get it off his tongue. He left it alone for the rest of the evening, which was a very good thing.

Genevieve had watched Romeo Must Die during the day along with the last of my Utena collection from Cera. We had one more DVD The Ninth Gate to watch before the return date of tomorrow, so the three of us trooped downstairs and watched it. I'm not sure how much of it actually made sense to me by the end; but the gradual build up was interesting. I liked Dep's summary of how Crusou was an unlikeable character at the beginning and becomes more likeable to the audience even as his character is actually getting far worse. It's an interesting mix of bizarre and beautiful, where, sometimes, the most beautiful things are also the most bizarre; but I don't think I really liked it that much. It was pretty, though.

When it was all done, it was a bit past 10. We went upstairs to find that the upstairs was actually cooler, from the rain and wind, than the basement! That was a very pleasant change, and I basked in the scent of water as I got ready to go to bed. I went to sleep reading Scott McCloud's Redefining Comics, and John stayed up until well after midnight working on something.

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