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August 24, 2000
two years ago

Circus and Food Gathering

It was a complete circus at home this morning. Fezzik was vastly amused and pressed up against the windows at the front door for nearly the whole morning watching intently as he wasn't allowed while the maids rampaged about.

Yeah. The maids.

Last time we saw them they'd come at 5 p.m. and stayed until 6. This time they arrived at 8 and the vacuum cleaner sounds were not conducive to sleep. At all. Sniff. And since John had worked until 2 and was up and working again, and I had been up until 12:30 reading Invisibles collections, I wasn't particularly happy. Nor was I able to get to sleep. So I dressed, showered, and went upstairs, turned on the machine and played angband until I suddenly heard the doorbell again and one of the Molly maids yelling, "Miiiisss?" up the stairs.

I tromped down and Fezzik was making friends with the guy that was coming to do a hardwood floor estimate. We wanted it done well before the baby came, so none of the residuals would be around. John had disappeared completely, so I dug around in my head for what it was we wanted, and finally found it. So I told the guy the three estimates to make and then let him measure and mumble to himself while the maids stepped around him. Fezzik just leaned against the front door to watch but didn't bang to be let in 'cause he hates the vacuum cleaner.

I ate my breakfast trying to kill a Named character down at level 46 and died repeatedly while I heard all kinds of interesting sounds from downstairs. Eventually, I heard John and the guy out on the front porch saying goodbye, so I went back down and the maids were packing up around Fezzik, who kept getting in their way to check out what it was they had. That was pretty funny.

But eventually the whole thing packed up and drove away. We held the gate for the maids, and Fezzik stood on the porch, watching everyone go away. Poor pup, after all that excitement.

At work, I got settled only to be told about lunch for our intern, who was leaving to go back to school today. Then the entire internal network went down and crashed hard, so everyone couldn't work, so we all were just talking in the hallway when our boss herded us out into the sunshine and we all went to the Gondolier again.

Yummy food. Good talk. Much laughter. Cary proposed that we do this every month and that he'd organize it if Bill had the budget. Bill did! So that was cool.

I got buttloads of stuff done in the afternoon. Completed a web page set of references, and got some thing built and ready to go with the next development state and finished some documentation. Conversations with Geoff were very good again, and disagreements didn't turn into fights at all. Which was very encouraging.

Especially since I have this huge chunk of dread I can feel in my tummy for tomorrow's amnio. None of it is for the procedure itself. I haven't been afraid of needles since I started a series of allergy shots when I was a little kid. Problem is that, for all my life, I've been in the 99.99th percentile and, for once in my life, I am begging, pleading, and hoping to be normal. It's only a 1% chance of something being wrong and only half of that is the possibility for Downs; but I'm so used to being on that fringe 99.9 percent that it's just weird, to me, that everyone thinks of a 1% chance being something small. Fringe girl gets a taste of what it's like to want to be 'normal'.


I was really tired when we went home. Lack of sleep, mostly. But on the way home, I wanted fresh corn and peaches, so we got those and on the way home I muttered, "Pork chops? Or hamburgers? Maybe meatloaf... ugh... meatloaf." John got the gist and took us to the grocery store where, because I was hungry, I started dumping all kinds of things into the cart. We got out eventually and went home only to find that the steaks (okay, how we got from pork chops and hamburgers to steaks only chance knows) and pork chops (which we did buy) weren't in our bags. John was extraordinary, hopped back into the car and went back to the store and found the bag the bag girl forgot to put into our cart with our meat in it and came back. Sadly, it took him almost an hour to get there and back, so I snarfed a sixth of a cantaloupe and a couple of White Castle cheeseburgers while I waited. It was enough to take the edge off.

It was the actual food gathering that pulled all the energy out of me. Ten minutes after he was back we had dinner. Sweet corn, steaks medium rare, French cut green beans, and garlic bread. Yum. I ate all of that too. Plus some grapefruit Safeway pop, which is made with all natural flavors, so I really like it. No caffeine, either and it makes me good and hydrated.

Once full the tiredness hit and I was in bed by 9. John stayed up to work a bit, and eventually he got into bed as well. For some unknown reason, though, my bladder kept giving me really urgent calls like six times through the night. And it wasn't that it was terrifically full or anything, but it felt like it... hard to sleep through that, but I'd drop off after every time pretty easily. I guess it'll be practice for when we actually have a critter.

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