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August 30, 2000
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Cooler Day

The rain fell early today. So the sky was all blue to the west and above me as I headed out east to home. The sky before me was all airbrushed greys, turning everything soft behind the curtain of falling water. The clouds going all the way up into the sky and all the way to the horizons to the north and south. I would have believed of a city in the clouds looking at the columns of vertical pillars of light and rain.

Fezzik actually ran to me when I opened the gate! He hasn't done that all summer. Ever since it turned hot and the coolness really seems to have given him new life. He bounced about, gobbled his dinner, and ran outside to bark at the lightning to the east.

I settled to reheat the leftovers from yesterday and ate voraciously. Then watched a little TV before deciding nothing was worth watching, so just plugged in the PowerPuff Girls tape and had some really good laughs for a while. Then just read all the Blade: The Immortal collections I'd bought from the comicbook store a little while ago.

When I looked up, it was from clunking outside. It was John! Yay! Back from the trip, exhausted, and it was actually nearly midnight. Oops. Nice to see him come home, though, and Fezzik paraded in with him happily. Finally able to relax, completely, on going to sleep. That was very nice.

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