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August 31, 2000
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KT's, Pressure and Hunger

Definitely a cooler day. Bob and Jenny and I went to KT's and sat out in the sunshine and it was actually pretty cool out. Sandwiches were good, but the weather was even better and we just basked outside in the sunshine and coolness and enjoyed having the time outside of the office and our cubicles. It was good to just be with them and talk about random things. Everything from performance cars to the fish-baby to how old various species can be.

Work is madly busy. I'm surviving it, but I cannot believe how much I'm looking forward to maternity leave or even just the coming weekend. Yesterday and today I thought it was Friday and was totally bummed when I realized it wasn't. I keep putting the really hard stuff off and I shouldn't and I know it, but it keeps getting pushed off for other things. There are so many things.

Nice things were lunch, Bob organizing a lunch a the Empress, the good dim sum place, for Saturday, and talking with Geoff today was just pleasant.

Had a meeting cancelled, had stuff happening, and people to help and then it was evening. John took a while to get ready to go home and I was hungry, grumpy and in need of a trip to the grocery store in order to get vitamins. Also I'd been craving chicken and stuffing for a while. So we bought a lot of different things, including the frozen cinnamon rolls that I'd thought about the previous time, and regretted not getting. This time I bought them. Also got chicken thighs and cheddar cheese and other staple food stuffs. John could tell that I was hungry because the very first tables I saw of strawberries and various pies got a thorough look from me.

I really, truly wanted apple pie; but the apple pie on the bake stand had way too many unpronounceable ingredients and they didn't have any apples in the produce area. So I was kinda out of luck.

Home again, home again. John pan seared the chicken while I made stuffing and we stuck it in the oven for twenty minutes as the pan searing helped to cook things thoroughly. It was very done in just the twenty minutes. I made Pepperidge Farm's corn bread stuffing as it's my favorite, and I add celery and onion and sage. The sage bush I'd bought from some on-line store was covered in bugs and something was growing all over it. Poor thing. We finally had to throw it out when the very heart of it was pretty gross. So I just used the dried sage I've used most of my life. It did just fine in flavoring the stuffing.

The resulting dinner was very satisfying, especially with some nuked sweet peas. We each had just one thigh, plenty of stuffing, and the vegetable. Both of us were so exhausted that after feeding Fezzik we tried to watch a little TV and found ourselves too tired to do even that. John also had an eight o' clock meeting in the morning, so we just fell into bed a little after 9.

Snooooore. I dreamed pretty wildly, laughed when I woke up and promptly forgot it all.

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