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August 6, 2001
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Mellower Day

Today was a very much more mellow day than yesterday. I felt like everything was under control, possibly for the first time since I went into labor with Jet. After the chaos of last night, everything seemed really smooth and easy today. Maybe I should get a dose of the neighbors every few weeks to just appreciate how easy I have it with just Jet.

Jet was pretty tired today. Heck, I was pretty tired today. With the overload of last night, I think, he needed a bit more comforting at night, and was up three times, and wanted to eat every single time. I really had to sleep in in the morning and John was great and let me. I had my breakfast in front of the computer, because right when I woke up for real, Jet wanted to eat just before going to Joan's. That was good for both of us.

John and I worked for the morning, mostly just quiet and busy. I had a 10 am meeting that I called into and wore the headset downstairs. Everyone thought I should take minutes for the meeting, but I begged out with Jet as an excuse, eventhough I didn't really have him during this time. He was an excellent excuse.

The real reason is because I think I sprained my right wrist picking Jet up sometime. It really hurts and is giving a lot of reminders of when I was having wrist problems from work. Since I've been on half time that hasn't really given me much of a problem. This, though, is clearly an indicator that my arm strength really hasn't quite kept up with Jet's weight.

I just didn't want to aggravate things with even more typing, and it is mildly annoying to always been the notes taker just because I usually do do well with it at work. I probably shouldn't be that annoyed, as everyone likes the minutes and gets useful reminders of what went on with them. I guess it's from writing down memories for so long so that I could remember the gist that I do well with them for others, too.

Anyway. I didn't have to take the minutes, and I was glad. Instead, I was able to participate and wash Jet's silk blanket, get some things cleaned up in the kitchen in anticipation of Jet coming back, and get a whole lot of things just tidied up again after last night. That was good for my soul as well as my brain. Big meetings have a lot of re-iteration. Things that could be said with a single sentence are often expounded upon for a very large amount of time, so it is really very noisy data-wise. It's very nice to be able to do other things while that's happening. It's not bad to monitor it all while all that's going on.

John got Jet, as he didn't have a meeting, and we then had lunch. There were leftover hotdogs from the night before, the kids had decided the chicken was better, so they ate that, instead of the hot dogs. We did fine by them, and they were very good with salad on the side and plenty of corn chips.

The afternoon was pretty simple. I just had the one meeting that overlapped John's meeting, so John took both the headset and Jet and took care of Jet while we both met. It was really funny having both of us talking to phones in the house. I had to use the celphone as we hadn't gotten our ISDN phone line to work, yet. Which wasn't really a problem as we have several hundred minutes on our plan and we never use much more than fifty of them any given month.

While we met from 3-4, the clouds came in and the rain started to fall. Huge splat drops to start, and I had to run out and rescue a number of things we'd left outside to dry. They got in pretty quick and dried off even with the humidity outside. It was wet and cool. Such wonder! At just 4, it was cool enough to open all the windows and doors and let it all blow through.

At 5, I went to CeLena's for my massage, and hoped she'd be able to help my wrist. When I came back, it really hurt. Sigh. I was also pretty woozy from falling half asleep on her table and her cat finally getting to my allergies. It might have been a combination of the wet air from outside and the cat, for all I know.

Anyway, I was mildly unhappy when I got home, but we were able to eat before Jet got completely unhandilable. John ate first, then held Jet while I ate, and then I was able to feed Jet.

He went about every three hours today. And ate very steadily when he did get to eat and wasn't all distracted and crazy the way he was the last few days. That was very good. I was very glad of that.

The evening was pretty peaceful. Jet was pretty happy with the coolness, though not nearly as happy as John was. John just reveled in it all. When it was time Jet just passed out after eating me and some frozen breastmilk I had pumped some other day. He didn't have a single problem getting to sleep, very much unlike yesterday. Whew.

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