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August 7, 2001
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Nine Hour Day

12:33 pm: My wrist was so bad this morning I had to really ice it. Jet, on the other hand, only got up once at 1 am and then slept until 6:30! That's quite the improvement over the last several nights. He was happy and playful and kicking when he got up, too. He ate okay then, but ate really solidly after I got up at 8 and had my breakfast.

The boys had gone to Starbuck's and gotten coffee for Dad and a caramel, decaf latte for me along with a blueberry scone. I needed the scone.

When we were done, John took Jet over to Joan's and I got to work. There's a real grunt work job that I'm eagerly tackling today because it's just really good to have real progress on it. Then, in the middle of the morning, Bill announced at 1-3 meeting just before our 3-4 staff meeting. Whee...

Then, when I went to get Jet, Joan had given him some apple juice at the end of the time, and he drank enough of it that he just fell asleep going home, so I let him sleep and went up to work some more. I then started dripping like crazy. I think that stupid left breast just decided to fountain a good ounce of milk all over my shirt. Bah. I remember when Anne Lamott said that she was always drenched in milk and now I feel like that. Ah well. At least Jet will be nursing for part of the marathon meeting.

I probably should get some lunch while I can.

4:33 pm: It's 7 and a half going on eight hours of work, now. With the three hour meeting and a task I wanted to finish before tomorrow, it's just a lot more stuff than I thought I'd be going. Then again, knowing that I did eight hours today, I'm going to feel just fine about the hour lack from last week. Whew.

Jet suffered a little for it all. He doesn't really like it when I wear that headset for a really long period of time. John always said that babies like to taste things to know what they look like, and this is no exception. Plus, when he tries to rest his head against me, he always bumps into something. That makes him mad, and he grabs things to get them out of the way. He's really strong, too, and it's hard to get him not to fling it away. So it's really hard to hold him when I'm in conference with folks. I think I hold him less when I'm talking with others, which is mildly unfortunate.

It's good for my wrist, though. I've also been pretty conscientious about staying with grips that don't mess with it any more than it's already been messed. That's been useful.

The fan has also been very useful. It's definitely made the office more bearable in the late afternoon, when everything is just roasting. I'm sweating enough that the fan really does help with the evaporation and cooling. So I parked Jet in front of the fan for a while, and he seemed to calm down quite a bit more and enjoyed the sweep of the air.

Jet was distracted a little by various things. He liked playing in his saucer for a while, he liked playing in his crib for a while, he liked sitting for a very little while. The problem is that they all got boring after a while. When he decided he didn't want to sit anymore, he actually did a very painful thing, which was his usual back arch when he's mad. Of course, that threw him backwards and he thwacked the floor pretty hard. He was pretty outraged by that.

I don't think Jet has cause and effect down yet. Especially for things that hurt. Like when he headbutts my head, or collides with my chin while he's shaking his head around. He doesn't quite understand, yet, that if he does something than something happens specific to that thing he does. He gets it socially, I think. He gets that if he smiles someone will smile back, if he sticks his tongue out someone might do the same to him. But he hasn't got it on a purely physical level

I guess it's more important, for a baby, to get the social ties down solid, first. They're what insure his survival. We're the ones that'll save him from the physical stuff, to start, so it is important for him to get us to care about him. Still, it's sometimes kind of funny.

We had leftover pot roast for dinner. It was really good, and better for the stay in the fridge. For some reason the tastes meld better with the time, and it's so easy to just nuke it and go. John even had salad from what Joan had brought, and so we were pretty much set for dinner.

I ended up with nine hours of work, and that felt pretty good, even if it was tiring. Jet ended up being pretty happy, all in all, and had a really great evening playing with us and enjoying his walk.

We've been going on walks pretty frequently in the evening, and it just feels really good to do. Just a little bit of exercise and a little bit of interesting input for Jet that he normally doesn't get. He really enjoys looking at the world, and we really liked that, too. On the way home, we saw Roy, the new neighbor, outside. We waved, and he came towards us and then asked John to help him move a desk in the house.

We went in and it was pretty fun. Jet had a great time watching all the kids running around and playing and seemed to be very secure in the circle of my legs and arms. He was very quiet as he watched things, and Alexis commented that he seemed to be a very calm baby, even calmer than Samuel, who seemed to be the calmest of the lot. John and Roy had a good time moving the desk down and talked a bit about Roy's work. He noted that Dot Coms now have a lot of trouble finding finances, which is very true.

We then went home and I got to take a bath. Mmmm... bath... it was a little too hot, given the temperature outside, but it felt really good on all my sore muscles. I really love just soaking good long time, and this time I made it a salt bath, so I was basically brining myself and it just felt really good. The brining really allows all the accumulated fatigue acids to just work their way out pretty quickly.

The soak was just really nice.

So I was pretty happy when I got out. Yum. The evening has cooled down a little, though not nearly as much as it usually does. It's bearable, though, and with a really happy, playful Jet that fell asleep on the way up to his room, I was pretty much set.


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