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August 8, 2001
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Fourteen Years

Another really busy day, but a good one. After yesterday, though, today really felt good. All the practice I've had with Wednesdays really stood me in good stead today.

Jet helped a lot by only getting up once last night, so we all got some really good sleep. So the morning went really well. John and I decided to send some oatmeal along with Jet, as he really did need some cereal during the day to keep him regular. It would be the first time we sent solids with him, but it seemed a good time. I stayed in the house for another half an hour, given how things had gone yesterday. So I was able to finish my breakfast, and get everything together without having to rush or forget anything. That was very nice.

Work was pretty good. Lunch was right on time, and we went to Wok and Roll, the only local teriyaki. It isn't all that good, but it's not bad, either, and whatever else, they're fast. John, Bob, and Cary came with and they all rode in the Stoat. It was really fun to follow them and watch them waving their arms around while they were talking. After doing the somewhat tricky turn before the main street, I saw Bob slapping his forehead.

John told me, later, that they were having a conversation about whether or not the turn they'd just taken was the right one. Bob said, "You'll know if you see Phyllis do this!" which was when he slapped his forehead. That got me giggling so much. I do do that when I'm exasperated.

Lunch was actually pretty good. I inhaled my beef and chicken teriyaki with rice and vegetables. They steam their veggies, and with the steamed rice it's a fairly healthy meal. The only component that isn't all that good, is all the salt. It was yummy, though. I am very glad that I don't have as much an aversion to salt as I did when I was pregnant. I really enjoyed it and so did everyone else. We ate inside because it was so hot outside, even in the shade.

We were also done with lunch well before my limit of 12:20, so I bombed on home, and cleaned up the house a lot before I went to get Jet a little early from Joan's. I really liked having the house set up for when I got home, and being able to dump stuff from work before that as well. I also got to turn on the air conditioning and let the house get cool while I went to get Jet.

Jet had done really well. Joan was impressed that Jet had eaten so much of the cereal. He'd also had a little formula and had done quite well for all that.

We got home in plenty of time for my 1:00 meeting, and were well setup upstairs before they called me to get me into it. Then again, they only called me at 1:15. So I had plenty of time. Learning from Tuesday, I set the phone on speaker phone instead of the stupid headset, and I was able to play with Jet and hold him without risking my phone connection. I could mute really well while he was noisy, and it all worked really well with my following things on NetMeeting.

Someone was doing a demonstration, and it was pretty cool to just watch things roll on by. Jet loved watching the screen change, and he was fascinated, at first, by the voices coming out of the speaker phone. He loved talking back to the voices as well, so it was good that I had a mute button. I really was glad of it as he squawked away and then listened to some of the lecturing parts of the demonstration. That was pretty cool that he could tell the difference in voice inflection.

We did really good, all in all. Eventhough the meeting ran an hour long, we still managed to do just fine, and Jet was far happier today than he was Tuesday. It was really fun to be able to really do things with him and not worry about the headset.

After the meeting we luxuriated in not having to do anything else. Jet got to eat as long as he wanted, we played and played and I read him a book and he listened and tried to rip all the pictures off the book. He's still at the stage where he's not really that into the words or the story, but he likes the attention and likes the lilt of the words being said to him. So that is entertainment enough for him. It was fun.

Joan is doing all kinds of cool things with Jet. Jet seems to really like playing Patty Cake. Jet also really did well at being on all fours and supporting his own weight for 20 whole seconds! Joan always tries things with Jet that we wouldn't have thought of, but once she does, we do them as well and enforce them, so that really works out well. It's cool since Joan's worked with so many babies, she really knows a lot of this stuff. It's kind of cool to know that we're basically paying her the same salary she had when she had to take care of a bunch of babies. So she lavishes good care on Jet that really helps us out as well.

When John came home we set everything up for Alexis, and when she came at 5:30 we went through everything we could think of with her. Emergency numbers, where to go if she couldn't get us, then she also asked if it would be okay to bring Jet over to her house and we said it would be just fine. I don't mind, and she seemed uncertain enough that it wouldn't have hurt to have her mom in on it. She didn't seem shy about going to her mom if she needed to. I was glad of that.

Then John and I headed off to our first dinner in quite some time without Jet. We went to Sakura's, our default Good Food place, and it was close enough that we'd be home in plenty of time. And it's pretty much a case of well-made comfort food for us. Ever since we got addicted to I Love Sushi back in Seattle, sushi has become a comfort food for us.

So we went and had a lot of sushi. Yellowtail, salmon, mackerel, eel, and all kinds of yummy stuff. I even had a simple futomaki with veggies and crabb and sweet egg. It was yummy and filling. I finished up with my usual dessert sushi, the sushi of a thousand and one eggs, i.e. flying fish roe with quail egg. They gave us a tiger roll for free on top of that. It's one of their deep fried rolls that's nearly seven dollars a pop, but they give it when we order a lot of sushi. Finally we did finish off with a free dessert of banana tempura. It was the perfect size, just four pieces, fried to a crisp with just small puffs of whipped cream on them. I loved just the two bites of sweet, crispy creaminess.

It was so odd to be without Jet. I'd thought earlier that it was a mild waste of having a babysitter, but really it was really good for us to be able to so something as simple as eating dinner without having to watch out for him, even in the smallest way. For all that he behaves wonderfully, he still takes attention, and it's harder to have long conversations when they're constantly interrupted, even in good ways. So it turned out that it was really good that we did have the babysitter.

It's still something of a wonder to me that it's our fourteenth anniversary and we've known each other for a good seventeen years. Pretty soon we'll have known each other longer than we haven't, and it's starting to feel like that. I really like the fact that our lives have been matched for so long and so completely. It's been really cool so far and there seem to be a lot of things coming up that we'll get to do together.

I'm just mildly amazed, though, still.

After dinner we stopped by Home Depot to find some of the magnetic cabinet door locks, not the little latch things, but real locks that can't be opened without a key. We've had ample evidence that a lot of our friends' kids aren't put off by the finger latches. 18-month-old Quentin, on the day they installed the latches, picked up a tissue dropped by his mom and calmly went over and opened the latched garbage door and dropped the tissue in the garbage for her. I don't want to be lured into a false sense of security by things that aren't secure.

So we'll lock up the really dangerous stuff, and basically watch Jet with the things that are just breakable. It won't hurt to know that I need to keep on top of him with it.

Home again home again, in plenty of time. We found Alexis and Jet seated on the couch near the TV, where Alexis had put in the Baby Einstein and Baby Bach tapes and the two of them had watched them together. Alexis looked a little stretched, not desperate, but just a little out of her league. Jet was mildly fussy, but that was entirely because his diaper was completely soaked. She hadn't had any experience with diapers that needed changing more often than disposables, and didn't know that he could be so wet, we guessed. Still, Jet was safe, he was relatively happy, and we'll likely give her a two ounce bottle for next time, as that's just so much easier to feed Jet than solids. She wasn't able to get more than a couple mouthfuls of food into him. It does take him a while to get going, but she had no idea. And the important things were taken care of, Jet was safe and solid.

He got a lot happier after being changed into a dry diaper and fed a lot of food. He still wanted to nurse, but with only a half an hour until his final feeding, we decided to wait. It was a little rough, but when he finished with his final feeding, and even drank two extra ounces of formula, he just passed out on the way up the stairs. He seemed very happy, too. So no after effects of being cared for by someone else for the two hours.

After John's parents, my parents, and Joan taking care of him, I probably shouldn't have doubted, but it was still something that only experience could settle.

I am still totally immersed in reading Echos of Honor. It's a very riveting book, and I'm enjoying it quite a lot compared to In Enemy Hands, which was singularly depressing. In this one various folks actually make some headway against the overwhelming odds and forces of the other, and it's good to actually see people be effective. It's very interesting, though to come across a fictional book that actually follows closely people from both sides of a war. That made for a very complex storyline that made more realistic sense than usual.

It pretty much had my attention, but with John's help I actually got to bed before 11.

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