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August 27, 2001
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More Meetings

9:47 pm: Jet only got up twice last night, and the first time he got up wasn't until 2 am! That surprised the heck out of us, we'd planned through who would get up when and what we'd do, but the first time Jet got up wasn't until 2. I woke up at midnight, amazed that he wasn't up, and then I had troubles going back to sleep until he did get up. So I just went and fed him and he went right back to sleep, easy as cake.

Of course he then got up at 4 and finally woke up at 6, and I fed him both times, and I fell asleep just fine between them. I needed more sleep when I finally did get up, and John had slept pretty well all night, so he took Jet at 6 and all was well. But for Jet to sleep that long after just two days of trying alternatives indicated that this is a good way to go.

One of the things I really liked in the Sears book was the whole concept of picking how much night waking you really could deal with in the long run and function the next day. That we could decide that and go with it was very useful. That while we should wake up and deal with Jet, that what we did when we tried to get him to go back to sleep was a shaper of how Jet would sleep in the longer run was a very important thing, too.

So there is progress, we'll see how well this goes in the longer run.

I had a 10 am meeting, which was previously scheduled. I actually got up to work at 9 and went through email and found out that I had a 12-2 meeting this afternoon. John had an 11:30 meeting that we hoped wouldn't overlap, but he didn't have control of said meeting, so we didn't know for real. John took Jet for part of my 10 am meeting, and I took him for the feeding part of it, and Jet did fine just playing at my feet, sitting and sucking on toys, while I met and listened and talked with people. He's getting used to interacting with me while I'm at a meeting, I guess, or especially the ones that I don't really have to pay really close attention.

After the meeting, Jet and I went downstairs and played together more intently, and I then fed him at 11:30. He went right to sleep, and I tucked him into our bed, and let him nap while John was talking to his meeting. I went up at noon with a bowl of reheated lasagna, and listened for a while. Then it was well past noon, and I was getting email from Bill about them trying to reach me and the line being busy. I sent him email back saying that there was an overlap of meetings, so we'd take care of it when John was off the phone. The sudden natures of the meeting had made the overlap happen.

I then informed John of the time. He hadn't had any idea, and it was just good luck that the folks on his meeting finally let him get off at 12:30. I wrote Bill, then, to tell him that John was off the line and they called me.

That hour and a half meeting was really hard, because it was one that was vitally important to my job. It was basically a meeting to hash out the user interaction with a number of tools through our tool. So I had to listen for every detail. That made it really intense for me, and John even had to move his laptop downstairs so that I could hear over his keyboard. John was able to take care of Jet while he worked for that time, and when I finally got out of the meeting, I was really drained.

I had a 3-4 that I could skip if I needed to, as I'm no longer the leader of that meeting, and I exercised that option and told Bob I wasn't going to show up. I felt much better doing that.

I nursed Jet and he and John went out to find a part for the lawn mower. After two years of our large lawn, the belt finally broke, so they went off to find the part. I stayed at home and worked on the framework for all the design documentation for all the flows through our tool. It's a nasty problem, and I was just trying to set up the presentation so that it would make sense and comparisons could be made in a meaningful manner. The visual presentation of data is so important. Yay, Tufte!

When John came back I was still pretty burnt out, so he made dinner. He just heated up one of those Voila! things. They're frozen dinners in a bag that can be tossed into a saute pan and look like real food because it dirties up a pan. It's actually pretty good, better than the stuff totally full of preservatives, and they taste fairly good as they use the same frozen vegetables we're pretty used to eating. It was good enough to make me much happier. Blood sugar is my friend.

Eventhough I was feeling pretty tired, we decided to go to Safeway. I wanted the walk. Jet is now sporting three mosquito bites, so the after dark walks aren't as good an idea as we thought it was. He really is getting bitten pretty badly. Until the first frost, walking will have to be limited to the daytime or be indoors. Safeway was a simple place to do that.

We entered with a list of four things. Fritos, milk, fruit, and Something Wicked. We ended up with half a cart full of stuff. It was fun stuff, though. The only wicked thing we did get were buffalo chicken wings. The rest was like organic milk, yogurt that was on sale, bananas, a watermelon, peaches, some of Marie's blue cheese vinaigrette dressing (which is surprisingly good and has less 'creamy' fat than it tastes like), and two kinds of Welch's 100% juice juices. Jet needs to try grape juice as the Goodell's have more of that than they usually do of apple juice.

It was all good stuff. Some of it had to go into the downstairs fridge, the rest did just fine upstairs. Jet was wide awake from his whole trip, and he was talking to us and to himself the whole way home. He started fussing a little just as we reached the gate, but when we got inside, all he really wanted to do was play. So we let him play an extra fifteen minutes, at which time he started to fuss. So I first gave him a massage, and then changed him into his night gear, and nursed him.

He was fairly active for that, and when John sat down with him with a bottle, Jet refused it the first couple of times and then latched onto it and drank it down and then passed out going upstairs. I think he drank more than he's drunk at one stop for quite some time.

We'll see what that means for tonight.

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