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August 26, 2001
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Sleep, Spontaneous Raspberries, and Bath

12:11 pm: Jet was up three times last night. We tried getting him to go to sleep without nursing, but he was grumpy and upset about stuff at midnight. Then at 2 am, John got up and was with Jet until 3 am. They bounced, played, and did stuff, and at 3 am Jet finally decided enough was enough and started crying in earnest. I nursed him and he slept.

At 5:15, I nursed him for only one let down on each side and then, while he was still awake, did my best to get him to sleep. He didn't go down easy, and John appeared when Jet was crying after one attempt because eventhough I wasn't in bed, John thought I might be elsewhere because, usually, when I go to take care of Jet he doesn't make a peep. So when John heard Jet crying he came upstairs. I sent John back to sleep, and found that if I bounced Jet a bit and then set him down and he cried, I set my hand on Jet's chest and the back of his head and murmured reassurances. He quietly went to sleep.

He woke up fifteen minutes later, and John got a burp out of him and he went right back to sleep. So that was at least one successful attempt to get him to sleep without nursing. I count the burp as being of the same waking as the other as I didn't get to go back to sleep. All together it's better than being up five times a night, but the three were pretty long. We'll keep trying...

4:29 pm: John took Jet when Jet finally woke up for real around 7 am. They went out together to get some things from Home Depot, including circuit breakers and wall board fixit stuff. On the way over, John heard funny sounds, and he thought that there might be something wrong with the car. It was an intermittent vibrating noise and it came from behind him, so he was puzzled, but not alarmed.

On the way back he finally figured it out. It was actually Jet! Jet was practicing raspberries all the way home. Jet had figured out how to make the buzzing sound and was practicing it all the way home while he was in the car seat. He was just buzzing away merrily, not too loud, yet, as he was only trying to do it at all. When I got up and out, I saw a sign on the floor that said that they'd be back at 8:30, and since it was 8:30, I started to make banana, pecan, and blueberry pancakes. We had a really ripe banana and the last of a carton of blueberries that had to be eaten, so I started making the batter from the Krustese mix we had. That worked out really well, just as the pecans were toasted and chopped, the bananas mashed and mixed in, and I was putting it all together, the boys came home.

John was still giggling like crazy at Jet buzzing away merrily. That made me giggle, and Jet lit up at being able to get us to laugh. That was really funny.

So all day Jet's been buzzing away cheerfully whenever he finds that he doesn't want to be playing with something or sticking something else in his mouth, he's been raspberrying away. It was tough to feed him 'solids' while he was doing that, though, and I found that I could simply be patient and wait until he stopped before sticking a spoon into his mouth. He didn't seem to mind, and he, luckily, hadn't caught onto raspberrying away when he had a mouth full of food. So that was good.

Sadly, John managed to pull something in his back when he was lifting Jet's car seat out of the back of the car. Also, my problem with the splint seems to just be getting worse. It's making the tendon that goes right into my thumb really tender and sore, so that when I move it it hurts, especially when it's being compressed by the splint itself. So while the original tendon feels a lot better, the splint seems to be making the other tendon really tender. Badness. So I'm taking the anti-inflammatories again, and trying to use the splint when I'm lifting but leaving it off when I'm not so that there isn't the constant compression.

After breakfast, I got to write a little, and then nursed Jet to sleep for a lunch nap. Then again, I actually nursed Jet until he was pretty calm and quiet, and I put him down, still awake, between two pillows on our bed. He was still awake when I left him there. It's good practice for him to go to sleep himself, and when John heated chili for lunch, there wasn't a peep from the bedroom.

Jet slept a good hour while we ate and I wrote. John said that he'd take care of Jet while I wrote for today, and if there was anything else I wanted to do. I thought about going to the grocery store, but decided that maybe it wasn't such a good idea with both of us mildly disabled so far as lifting goes. I'm probably going to take Tuesday off, because Joan isn't going to be able to take Jet again, and I just don't want to be caught out again like on Thursday. If I have to take care of Jet by myself, I'd rather take care of Jet than trying to juggle him and work all day.

It helped to decide that while I'm hurting, I think.

John took a nap at 3:30, he was still wiped from yesterday and Friday. It's definitely a sign that things are bad when we take two entire days to recover. I'm starting to really think that the work stress I've come under recently really is contributing to Jet's stress and his waking up at night. He's relatively happy today, though, and I think that it might be a good sign.

Jet and I played for a while as John slept. We also took advantage of an accident John had last night while trying to find the disposable diapers for Jet's overnight diaper. john knocked over the mobile we used to put up on Jet's bassinet, and the subsequent racket intrigued Jet enough that he stopped twisting and turning while on the changing table! So we set the mobile up on the end of the changing table and now I run it while I'm changing him and it makes changing him a whole lot easier, even with the mobile elements spinning in front of my eyes. Jet's no longer a moving target and that makes all the difference.

When John got up, he went out on the back porch with Jet in the stroller and they brushed out the sheepskin using one of Fezzik's old stripping brushes. They got an incredible amount of loose wool out of the thing and with all the loose stuff gone, I was far more comfortable having it in the house and having Jet lie on it. I, finally freed of having to hang onto Jet and from having to wear the brace, ate a peach. Sloppily. Yum.

9:26 pm: The evening was pretty mellow. Jet took a nap while we ate our dinner of leftover zucchini pizza. I told John that I had a craving for something awful, like chicken wings or ribs, and that we'd do that tomorrow. I figure that if I eat good things for most of the week and only do one really bad thing, then I'm ahead of when I would eat everything and anything I wanted. Besides, if I ate one thing that would satisfy the cravings for a while then I'd be safe for a while.

I also made a zucchini bread from the last of the aged zucchini. There's a really interesting recipe in How To Cook Everything that had corn meal and whole wheat flour as well as white flour and a number of intriguing spices. So I made that. It's a fairly large loaf, so it took an hour to bake.

Jet woke up soon after dinner and the three of us went out on our walk in the darkening night. Jet sat up in the stroller and blew raspberries for the whole trip, both laps out and back. He was perfectly content just blowing them and blowing them and blowing them. Both John and I were pretty pleased that he was so easily pleased, and he was very, very self-content just doing that the whole way down, back, down and back again. Happy as could be.

Once home, we decided to give Jet a bath in the bathtub because I didn't have the wrist to hang onto him and John didn't have the back to truck him back and forth from the sink and over his tub. So I filled the tub a couple of inches with warm, not really hot water, and got the Baby Magic, a wash cloth and a couple cotton balls. John got towels and Jet's sleeper and his night time diaper, and set up came outside the tub with a little support for his back against a wall. I took Jet into the tub with me and there was enough water for him to almost swim when he got going after the washcloth. Whoops!

I managed to hang onto him and the big cup for rinsing him and the washcloth for washing him and rinsing him. I got his face cleaned off first, then I did his hair. He didn't really like getting water poured over his head for the rinse, but wasn't really mad about it. The no tears formula of the baby wash made it simple to do, though, and really not traumatic. Then I pulled him into my lap and washed his front, all over, and poured water all over him from the cup again. The wash and rinse was much faster than in his tub, as there was plenty of water to make sure he got clean and well rinsed. Then I laid him on his tummy against my legs and washed and rinsed his back and butt thoroughly. He then got to sit in the warm water again to just play a little and relax in the warmth.

The water was deep enough to almost let him swim. He was a little tense at the very first, mostly because I was pretty tense as well, I think; but when I relaxed and was washing him, he relaxed as well. By the relaxing time, he was pushing off me to go swimming after a washcloth or the cup and playing with the water itself, splashing around and laughing. I was surprised by how graceful he was in the water, and maybe I shouldn't have been, he's spent more time in liquid than out of it, so far. I still wonder how much of that he remembers.

Two of the Sears suggestions were that the baby get a warm bath and a massage to help relax for bed time and sleeping. Jet got a massage today for the first time in a few days, as my wrist had been bothering me so badly before I've been cutting back on the massages because with all the flailing around he does, it just hurts. Now he had his bath. When I was done with him, I lifted him up for John to get, far enough up so that John wouldn't hurt his back getting him and not so far that my wrist had problems again. John took him, dried him, lotioned him, diapered him and tucked him into his sleeper. I was out, dried and dressed, and took Jet to the bed to lay there for a while and play with us for a bit before his final feeding and bedtime.

Jet raspberried through a lot of that. That was pretty funny. He was also pretty active during his last feeding, and John got an ounce of formula into him afterwards. Then he took the still wide awake Jet upstairs, and I heard Jet playing quietly with his music box for a while and then there was silence.

So Jet put himself to sleep again, without having to nurse off me. We're just going to have to keep this new habit up. He did it quite a few times today, so we'll see about tonight. The limit is 2 am, if he gets up before then, John will take him, if it's after then, it's me until after his 5 am or 6 am feeding. Then Jet's his.

The bread turned out really yummy. I like it a lot, and it's going to stay out and cool a bit before I actually put it away. It's really good to have with my anti-inflammatory, and my wrist feels a ton better already. After the last two nights, I now know that being on the anti-inflammatory wasn't contributing to Jet's wakefulness. So that should help me with my wrist in the long run. I think that, maybe, using the splint without the anti-inflammatories was the mistake I made. We'll see.

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