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August 5, 1998
a year ago


Was re-reading the weekend's adventures and found out something that Anita pointed out as well. The Dragon Dictate software sometimes substitutes words that sound like the word that I said when it writes. It does it fairly frequently, but I usually catch them as I go, and correct them. But I miss a few. She noted it as being interesting, and slowed her reading a little to figure out what words I meant, and nearly made some bits poetical.

That's kinda cool.

Bryant pointed me at this entry in the J. Peterman's catalog. It's a special section for things from the Avengers movie. The words 'practical' and 'leather cat suit' just do not mix. I have no idea why it makes me drool and yearn the way it does, especially on one of those off days when I think I'd be better off dressed in a garbage sack to hide my stupid body. But it does.

Ah well. Got lots of folks saying that they wouldn't mind seeing me in it, and the best comment, though, was from myJohn. "Well, then people wouldn't just be looking at you because of your hair." That was cool. I hate being irrational. It was a good distraction for a hard day.

Work's just been like sardine packing today. Crowding in all the classes that I'm having to do and getting them all right to the details that I want to implement. Raven noted that his friend Joe called programming 'discrete' creativity. The kind that's harnessed to a specific kind of problem with a specific kind of solution involved. So it's very different than the more nebulous and freeform creativity that is writing fiction or poetry. With writing, the playground is the entire mind. With programming it's a very specific, narrow, discrete field and problem.

I can buy into that.

Which is why I still think of programming as being creative. The making of something in my brain into something concrete that someone else can see and poke and effect and be affected. It's fun.

If a lot of hard work when I'm in the midst of the grunt work. It's eating my brain, and it's starting to hurt with all the details I'm having to plow into this code.

Gretchen managed to distract me with broomstick skirts, as I really enjoy 'em and don't see 'em for less that $100 usually, and the allure of making my own was too much. She found some good patterns and so I may well try one or another of those sometime in the next month or two. They really are pretty.

Mark called around 5 p.m. free of his meeting and likely to skip the meetings tomorrow, so he may just come by and stay at the house tonight, and putz about the house tomorrow, and play with our toys as he does so. Rather than sitting in my office and bothering me all day. Probably a good thing as I need my concentration to finish what I want to do before the week's out.

John and I worked through to 7 p.m. and then went to pick up Mark and found out that he had to have the meeting in the morning, so was going to be staying the night at the hotel, so we went to a nearby restaurant and ate there instead of buying stuff at Larry's and going home with it to fix and figure out. So that worked out well. We got to try a restaurant that we'd never eaten at, as I Love Sushi was really over crowded at 8 p.m. and both John and I were pretty hungry.

Their service was really, really slow.

Meeting Mark again wasn't as impactful as I thought it would be, rather, it was easy. Just friends meeting again after a while. Pretty straightforward and pretty simple, nothing to fear and nothing really to worry about. That was very cool. The talk was entirely about old familiar things, with familiar patterns, in some ways, very different in others. The dynamics are very different now that both of us are in more stable life environments, and we've worked through a lot of things on our own after the split, so it's not the same as it ever was. It was very different. Which was also very reassuring.

Raven was right. In many ways. It never really is the same.

So, that was good, and we dropped him off after dinner and motored home in the cool evening air.

Fezzik was all impatience as we got home, barking at the car as we pulled up. When I let him out, he ran past John and then circled back, ran past John the other way and then just kept going. Poor, bored dog. He just ran and ran and didn't come when we called him. Luckily, it was after dark and none of the neighbors were going to be out anyway. So it was unlikely anyone would call animal control on him.

I was a mass of knots, so I took a bath with the aromatherapy stuff. There was also a new J. Peterman's catalog in the mail which had the cat suit in it. But I know that there's no way I'm spending that kind of money on an article of clothing, there was, however, a gorgeous black and blue caftan of Hong Kong make. So I decided I might get that in the morning, instead. As I was lying in bed, listening to what was going on outside the window, I could hear John trudging off, up the driveway, and calling Fezzik as he went. After just a little while, I heard the crunch of gravel as he walked back down, but I didn't hear the jingle of Fezzik's tags or his panting. But I also knew that John wouldn't come home without him.

Then I heard the trudging stop and John's voice calling Fezzik, as it seemed Fez had gotten distracted Yet Again. And then I heard the toe-nails and panting and jingle. So I went downstairs and hugged my Beast hello again. Then I hugged John and we went to sleep.

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