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August 5, 1999
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Root Beer!

Spent all day working on a specification. It was nice, finally, to be singular of mind. To just work on one thing and work on it solidly and thoroughly and without any distractions. It's a rare thing, indeed, and it was even better when I set up the review for tomorrow morning, so that I had to get it done today. The majority was done by 3 p.m. the rest was polishing after that.

I had a startling and really good talk with Cera today. It was partially about a dream she had, but mostly about my reaction to it, which was mostly sheer wonder. It really gave me a lot of hope about opening up again in ways I thought I'd just never do again. Maybe it really is enough a part of me that it is really possible again. Hard to talk about beyond that, but good at a heart and soul deep level.

I felt really good by the evening time, as I'd gotten done what I needed to get done and I knew that I'd done it well enough. I'd also called a one-day warning at 9 a.m. meeting the next morning, so I knew I had to have some kind of bribe to offer people for showing up. So when we got home, it was leftovers for dinner, and then I started in on, first, root beer, and then on scones for the meeting.

No, the root beer wasn't a bribe for the meeting folks. It was actually 'cause we had a dozen Mexican Coke bottles that the waitress had given me last Friday and they were just sitting out on the counter taking up counter space, and in order to have the counter space to actually make scones, I wanted to take care of the bottles first. So I pulled out my six quart pot, put in 94 degree water, added a cup of sugar, a half a cup of corn sugar and half a cup of honey, a tablespoon of the root extract, and a half a cup of warm water with nearly three eights of a teaspoon of champagne yeast. Mixed until all the sugar was melted into the water and then spooned it into a funnel and that into the soap and warm water washed Coke bottles. John was a sweety and capped 'em with the capper.

I then laid 'em down in a box and let them sit, they'll likely sit for a week.

Scones next! Just a mix from Harry and Davids, but they were nice hazelnut scones that were rich from the mix's ingredients. Just water into the mix, then kneading them a little, then shape and bake. The dough was a bit sticky, which is good in the high altitude. Baked stuff really dries out quickly up here, so it's important to put a bit more liquid into things.

As I waited for them to bake, I went back a ten-flight stage in Parasite Eve mostly because I didn't like the decisions that I'd made on weaponary and armor afterwards. Which might seem insane to some people, but I'm not really into this game to finish it so much as enjoy playing it and John pointed that out pretty thoroughly. So I'm going to do that. I liked what I did the next time around, so I'm pleased. Though the darned triceratops managed to kill me off once, at least I'll be able to shove all my hard-earned pluses onto a shotgun that does as much damage as the best of my other weapons and onto a piece of armor that has the best ratings there.

Though I am tempted to just use what I have at the moment for the next ten stories, but they get a whole lot harder after the fortieth floor. The first forty floors were faily easy and I just walked through things. On the fortieth floor, they start to get really nasty. Good thing, though, as my storage areas in the Precinct were overflowing with things. This isn't just an equipment slot problem, it's a whole *storage* problem. I've actually filled in all the 'item' slots that there are for storage. Hee. When things get really hard, I actually use more stuff up, so this should be good. For the first forty floors, I was constantly using less bullets than I could store. The ammo locker in the storage area is full of a thousand bullets, and the one that I was carrying was also full up at 1000 and always overflowing, until I got to floor 41, and actually started to use more than I received. That got me to think more about those floors.

So it was a fun evening. We didn't get to bed until midnight, and just before going to bed, I noticed that Fezzik was really licking one paw a lot and it was hot to the touch. It wasn't badly swollen or anything, and when I iced it he walked a lot easier, but then he went back to limping. When he went out John called him back with a Milkbone and he came running, so it can't be *that* bad.

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