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August 20, 1999
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Friday indeed.

I am kinda tired of not having any exercise, so we brought out bike helmets to work, today to see if we could take an evening ride around Boulder. We'll have to see how it goes. The morning was completely clear.

Everyone was a bit punch-drunk today and were willing to work through and argue through a lot of different stuff. I only had two meetings today, though one was a wrap-up that was supposed to take several hours. It was good that it only took one and of that one half of it was taken up with another meeting.

Jeanne was tired, I was tired, John's still going strong.

Lunchtime was nice, with Jeanne, Cary and Freddy at Juan's the favorite lunch burrito place. It was good food and we watched Freddy suffer the hot stuff again. I still don't quite get why he puts himself through so much agony, but he did it again. They were all pretty happy with the agave juice drink along with the lunch, though Jeanne thought, at first that it was actually just water.

Afterwards I finalized with Jeanne most of the things that we're going to do in the next few weeks, and after the wrap-up meeting, she was off back for home and really glad that she'd gotten the chance to come here. She really likes this area, which is nice, and it looks like she'll get plenty of chances to come here again. That should be fun.

I spent much of the time outside of meetings finishing off journal bits an pieces, I'm going to have to finish writing the Breckenridge adventures at home, there's just too much to type in and my hands have been feeling this week's worth of work pretty solidly. So I'm probably going to be dictating some stuff over the weekend and might work a few pictures of the other adventures in as Red Cone, Friday's adventure, was stunning visually.

Just tired, now, worn out by the week, I'm looking forward to doing nothing but just sitting around, drinking iced tea, maybe dictating some stuff, watching T.V., making buttermilk biscuits, and possibly using the leftover chicken in casseroles, frittadas and chicken soup.

Hmm... I guess that's a lot of nothing.

Well, the weather has foiled my plans at exercise again. It's raining, windy and cloudy. I think I'll just have to do things over the weekend.

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