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August 22, 1999
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Busy Weekend

The weekend was fairly peaceful. Saturday was errands day and Sunday was stay-at-home and do stuff day. Both were pretty nice, sunny in the mornings, windy and a bit stormy in the afternoons. As you've probably noticed, I didn't get the write up of last weekend done, but there was a lot of other things done.

Saturday morning started with breakfast and as we were finishing it up, John went over the errand plan for the day and didn't see why we couldn't just go when we were done. The plan started with the desire to see Mystery Men as, last night, we wandered about Boulder a bit and couldn't find it, so ended up at Whole Foods to get dinner and a bit of breakfast sausage, which was the start of breakfast. Errands included Eagle, Home Depot, and Biggs for whatever groceries we needed to deal with the last of the leftover chicken from Wednesday. There was a huge amount of it in the freezer and it was really good, smoky from the grill and, now, all deboned. Casseroles are good for random meat things, and I really wanted to do a chicken pot pie, someday.

The errands went well, though not finding good bark at Eagle meant that we really did have to go to Home Depot. John was digging the grass from around the trees, and wanted to fill the empty area in with wood to keep the moisture in the ground and keep plants out of the bare areas. When we were done at Eagle we had a little time to burn but not nearly enough time to actually go to Home Depot and back, yet. So, instead, we went into a store that we'd always wanted to explore, the Stadlers Western Clothing and Supply store that's right across the parking lot from the discount movie theater.

We walked in and it was amazing. Real Western Clothing. John and I often make the joke that we moved 1200 miles east to get Out West, and no where was it more evident than in Stadler's. My goodness. It's definitely and obviously a store for Western folks that have to live and work in their gear as well as party in it. The clothing is solid, well made, and much of it is very, very practical. Some of it is just so Country-Western it made my teeth grit, but so much of it was extremely practical, long-wearing, and beautiful in its utility that both John and I said that when or if we ever do need new or more clothing, that this really was the place to go. Especially for jeans, boots, or practical and good looking overcoats, it should be a great place to get long and hard-wearing clothing. Well, if you don't mind looking a bit like a cowboy; but it's not as if John or I ever really minded, too much, about how we look.

Mystery Men was a lot of fun. I really, really enjoyed it. It's funky, kinda futuristic comicbook hero movie. A real ensemble cast with no stars that tried to take over and everyone had their moments, which was really most of the fun. That was really cool. Laughed a whole lot and John enjoyed it a lot as well. That was good.

Back to Home Depot to get the last few things, then to BIGGS HYPERMARKET!!! Where we got a lot of different things and stuff for what I thought was two dinners. Thing was that when we went home, I started putting things away and realized that there was a lot more food than just the two meals that I had planned. When I'd written everything down that we had all the ingrediants for, there was a list of meals about ten long. Yow. Luckily all but three were mostly non-perishable or long-storage items, the three that were at the top of the list included the casserole, the pot pie and some stuffed tomatoes.

I sat down to watch Good Eats, and only after the show realized it was past 7:30 and I hadn't even started the casserole. Cooked rice, thawed spinich, thawed chicken, grated cheese, mixed goop, sliced mushrooms and cooked those in butter, and chopped a can of artichoke hearts. The rice and spinich went on the bottom as a kind of crust, then the artichokes, meat and cheese were layered on. The mushrooms were on top of that, and then the goop went on and over and through everything else. The goop is really frightening because it has a whole cup of mayo in it, but it also has curry powder and other yummy things like mustard and the juices from the mushrooms and stuff. But it gets poured all around and then the whole mess is baked for about an hour to let all the tastes meld, the air fill with the rich scent of curry and mushrooms in butter, and the cheese to get melty and nicely browned on top.


Dinner was good.

Breakfast Sunday morning was the HUGE cinnamon rolls that John bought at Biggs. We then hopped onto our mountain bikes and, instead of the boring pedel around the neighborhood I was thinking of, we took County Road 5 over to Erie, went through Erie and back up to our house. Several good miles of riding and while the day was clear and hot, there was enough of a breeze to cool us down as we rode. Very nice.

After the ride I didn't even bother changing as it was so hot out a shower would have only postponed the sweatiness a little. I went up with a big glass of iced tea and tried to write journal stuff. Instead, I spent a very, very long time naming and sorting pictures of the weekend. Lots of really, really nice pictures. Though, originally, there were about fifty, each, for Chinaman's Gulch and Wheeler Lake and over a hundred for Red Cone. The best ones are the ones that made it onto the page.

That... uhm... took a while. I also unloaded another ten megabytes of letters onto the Zip, which took a good, long time as I had to rename all the files so that they'd be unique with an external date stamp on the name to just make it easy. But it was still amazingly repeatitive to feed the machine disks and copy a few more files. Simple, tedious stuff, but it was doable.

John, in the meantime, dug out most of the grass that was crowding the trees in the yard. When it was good and clear, I went around to all the baby pine trees and fed them with the MirAcid. That was useful.

Afterwards, John said that he had a craving for Chinese food, so we went into Louiseville and had Chinese food there. It was... I dunno. The potstickers were okay, the shrimp and snow peas was mildly insipid and the General Taos chicken was just marinated in dark soy and that was about it. I don't think I would have minded, in some ways, as it was okay food. The main problem was that it was mediocre Chinese food and it made me so homesick I wanted to just cry. I deeply miss good Chinese food; but it's not one of those things that I really can get here, and it's never so evident as when I go out and eat the mediocre stuff here. It almost hurt.

I was grumpy for most of the rest of the evening. Poor John.

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