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August 19, 1999
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Working Lunch

The meetings slowly wane as the burnout by management and engineers increases, but Jeanne's still fresh, so we jumped into a lot of things during the day. First a whole testing suite setup for the main feature that she and I are working on, then, for lunch, the whole group went out all together.

Rare are the days when we're all together, but it was nice to get out and do more social stuff. To really know each other seems to require more than one situation and in all those situations, I think Jeanne'll fit in with the rest of us just fine. This is a very good thing to know, and her experience as a software developer for the last ten years really does show in a lot of ways, including all the stories she can tell that nearly match Bob's for what crazy things she's seen while doing software. That's fun.

Lunch was a local Italian restaurant, a very good one that had a very nice selection, and everyone got something yummy and it was nice. My canneloni were creamy and spicy and the shells were tender to the fork, it was really good and small enough to allow me room for dessert. When the desserts came, they were just enormous. My tiramisu could have fed a family of four and the creme brules that were ordered were in salad sized plates and completely covered in the crunchy sugar. Wow.

After dessert, Dan, my boss' boss, stood up and did a nice long speech about where we were, where things looked like they were going, what our goals were and what our competition was and all the stuff about why what we were doing was so completely important to the company and where it could position itself was. That was very interesting, in the long run. Good stuff. Enough of that was intelligable to me that I actually feel really good about all the work that I'm doing and where it's going and what we're positioned to do.

Spent the whole afternoon hashing out implementation details. First gave Jeanne a thorough introduction to how our code was organized, what was in it and how to get around. Then we started hashing out possibilities. Got to a certain point and then tugged John in to help, as he still has the whole system in his head and how it all works. So with his input and his understanding and a good statement on our parts as to what we wanted to do, we were off and running.

I think we actually came up with an implementation that can be done before I thought it could be, originally. It also looks as if my initial, wild-assed guesstimate at a finish date will actually be pretty close to how much time we do spend on it. That is scary.

Also very good feeling, too.

By the time evening rolled around, Jeanne went her own way, looking really tired. I had been thinking of inviting both Bob and Jeanne to dinner with John and I, but imagined that it was myself and realized that with all the socialization, she just might want some time to herself and some rest, so I didn't feel too bad.

The two of us stayed at work until sometime around 7 or 8, I am not quite sure which, but we ended up being so tired we didn't want to deal with dinner, so we just went to Good Times, got sandwiches and drove home with them to eat them. That was very simple, satisfying and straightforward.

John worked on more work email while I watched Food TV mindlessly and worked on a sock and sipped the Peach Melba tea that Upton Tea sells. The tea is made up of hibiscus and peach fruit pieces and various bits of things that I don't quite recognize. It's tart and spicy with just a hint of peach at the base of the liquor. Pretty refreshing, but not what I contemplate as *tea*. I've been drinking their peach tea with flowers at work and it's marvelous both hot and cold and redolent with the scent and sweetness of peaches; but the caffeine does get to me in the afternoon and evening. It was a nice way to end the day, especially as there's yet more to do tomorrow.

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