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November 30, 2001
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Lotion Puddle Delver

6:38 pm: I really thought Jet was sick this morning. He was coughing a wheezing type cough, his nose was running, and he had been up four times last night. I was totally trashed, and John was pretty trashed, too, and the two of us had actually split Jet's up time between us. And, at 6:30 in the morning, Jet was as cheerful as a chickadee and bopping around the livingroom and kitchen.

There was nearly three week's worth of laundry waiting in our hamper, and I hauled it over to the laundry room. Jet was playing with stuff from the lowest shelf of the changing table, as he has many times before. So I felt pretty safe taking some time and sorting through the laundry. Jet seemed happy and he was as quiet as anything while I worked, so I didn't worry.

Well, I didn't until I heard John come out of the bedroom, gasp and go, "Oh, no!"

Jet found a bottle of Eucerin lotion. It was a brand new bottle with a pop top that actually screwed onto the bottle. Jet managed to unscrew the cap from the bottle, dumped it over and he sat in the resulting puddle, playing with all the lotion that spilled out and chasing the rather slippery cap. When John came out, Jet had just captured the cap and stuck the lotion covered thing into his mouth. Aiee! John scooped Jet up and, of course, Jet smeared lotion all over John's T-shirt, arm, and face.

That's about when I reached them with a bunch of paper towels. The puddle was half on the wood floor and half on the carpet. It came off of Jet and John pretty easily, and the wood floor was easy. The carpet was much harder. Jet's sleeper also had the lotion soaked into it, so much was in it that a lot of it had gotten through to his skin. So he was a very well-moisturized boy. We cleaned his mouth off, too.

He hadn't eaten very much of it, but we called poison control as well, just in case, and they said that it wasn't dangerous. It couldn't be absorbed by his system. If he ate enough of it it could act as either a laxative or even make him throw up, but it wasn't poisonous in and of itself and wouldn't make him sick. So for a First Big Mess it was relatively benign. It wasn't smelly, it wasn't dangerous, and it wasn't too hard to clean up. Plenty of soap and water should take care of it.

Jet did great at Joan's, even slept for a while. John and I did well at work while we were doing it. The first hour was an address to our group from the VP of the software side. That worked out quite well. The second hour was a meeting for John and I got to just work, happily. Writing with my whole brain is pretty fun.

Then I nursed Jet and we had fun making lunch together. Hot dogs, warm chili, and cheese all on warmed corn tortillas. We didn't have hot dog buns, but Jet had fun watching the hot dogs broil and watching the chili bubble. He really likes being involved with the things of every day, anything and everything that we actually do are fascinating to him, and it's really fun sharing it with him.

I had meetings at 2 and 3, so John took Jet with him and they tried to get the back left tire of the Passat fixed, but the wait was too long, so they didn't actually do it and got back relatively quickly. I got more time, but most of it was distracted by the meetings. Ah well. At least the time for today wasn't hard to fill.

John made a dinner of turkey and bean enchiladas. They were yummy. Jet got to actually eat some of them. We mashed his portions with a fork and then he got to eat the relatively chunky food. Jet loved it, hands waving and feet kicking in delight as he tasted all the new tastes and textures.

After dinner, John put the lights on the tree, which fascinated Jet as well. They caught his eye and he kept trying to grab them and put them in his mouth. We let him hold them, but I kept trying to keep him from putting them into his mouth. He really liked being close to them. He got really frustrated by not being allowed to eat them, but eventually was content to just try and tangle himself in them while John was stringing them up on the tree.

It was fun just watching him wrestle with the wire as John was pulling them to put them on the tree. When the were all up, Jet sat back and just watched them blink.

Jet also got to play in a huge pile of laundry. There was a lot of clothing that was all run through the washer and dryer and folded on the floor. Jet really liked tackling the neat stacks of clothing. For some reason he was far more drawn towards the folded clothes rather than the pile of warm pile of tumbled clothing.

While Jet has a remote control for the TV's that doesn't have a battery, John actually gave him the real remote to play with today. He did pretty well with it, only changing channels occasionally and actually making the volume go down instead of up. Jet then carried it with him as he crawled. On the carpet it went thump... thump... thump... and when he got on the wooden floor it was suddenly SMACK! SMACK! and it startled the heck out of him, and it took two or three really loud whacks for him to figure out that it was actually his actions that was causing the sound.

That made John crack up uncontrollably. Jet then cracked up from watching John laugh. Yes, it's a crazy household.

We also watched The Sound of Music. I always wonder why they show it every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, kind of like showing It's a Wonderful Life, though the latter has a much clearer connection with Christmas. I amazed John by knowing, by heart, pretty much every song in the movie. I have no idea why, exactly, I still have every word of every song memorized, but I do.

I do remember owning the record when I was a kid and listening to it a lot. Plus the movie was shown in most every choir class I ever attended. One of those classical Rogers and Hammerstein musicals, it was part of every high school repertoire. Jet watched me solemnly when I actually sang some parts of it. He went to sleep pretty peacefully while it was playing, so I think it was at least enjoyable music for him.

It's fun watching the tree blink away. It's been a few years since we've actually set everything up for Christmas. A lot of it was simply not having Christmas at home, so setting it al up only to leave it behind never really was a good thing. So this year, we're setting it up to actually enjoy it. I'm glad of that.

Jet was just so active all evening. Chasing the lights, playing in the laundry, chasing me around, playing with his toys, and trying to play with everything else his interest was caught by. I couldn't believe I thought he was sick this morning. John brought up the fact that there's a lot of smog in the Denver area right now. All the wood smoke from people burning to keep warm, the exhaust, and the dust and sand in the air from the sand that was laid down to keep frozen roads tractable are all in the air right now. If we get another storm, it'll all just happen again. The weather is supposed to be warming up.

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