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December 4, 2001
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10:14 pm: Jet hasn't slept much at all today, maybe fifteen minutes at Joan's and then he's been up and motoring and refusing to sleep all day. Which, of course, made taking care of him a bit harder because he was grumpy and active and wanted to get into everything. He protested pretty much everything and made lots of stuff a bit harder than it had to be.

I might have to make the 'play pen' stuff pretty much set with the two of us in there and just have that be that. He can play with me, he can come over to get held for a bit, but he simply can't play with anything that's outside of his pen. He hates that, as he's really into the exploration stuff now.

Joan had trouble with him this morning. The power flickered and some kind of alarm went off in her house, and Jet was playing by their Christmas tree which is on entirely the opposite side of the room from their wood stove. So she went off to check it for just a minute. She hears two coughs and she runs back to find Jet with his palm on the ash catcher under the stove. It's not that hot right there, but she ran his hand under cold water and he was happy and playing with the water.

She later found that his other hand had really red spots and nearly white bits of skin on the tips of his thumb, fore finger and middle finger. We think he might have touched the hot fire glass, which is really, really hot, with his fingers of that hand, which is what got the reaction that she heard. Of course, he didn't cry and he didn't fuss that hard and he wasn't terribly upset, but it looked like he did burn his hand a bit. Joan said that she'd put a barrier up from now on.

Jet's just in an exploring kind of state, I think. There is just a lot of stuff for him to look at and try and see. There is just so much of it that he keeps trying his darndest to explore and pat and pull and test and bend and push and suck on everything he can get near. That includes everything in the office, from the inside of the printer, the underside of the printer stand, the scanner we have stored under the computer desk, every cord and cable he can get at, and every tiny crumb on any floor he crawls over.

He actually sat still and listened while I read a couple of books to him today. He only tried to wrestle them away from me once, and then watched the pictures and listened to me. So I'm probably going to read to him more often, stuff that actually catches his interest.

This morning Jet crawled over to my chair while I was eating my grapefruit with my grapefruit spoon. He climbed up my leg and demanded to be picked up, so I did. He sat in my lap and when I dug out a section of my grapefruit he grabbed it in one fat fist and stuffed the fist, grapefruit and all, into his mouth. He then cheerfully munched down and ate that section of grapefruit and started dueling with my spoon for more.

He didn't even squint at the sourness. I guess all those months of eating grapefruit while I was pregnant with him made him very familiar with the taste and he wanted it as much as I wanted grapefruit while I was pregnant.

After that, all day, he was looking for 'real food' instead of baby food. He actually started spitting out some of the combinations he used to eat so eagerly yesterday, but today he did it emphatically. At lunch time, after trying to get him to eat turkey, barley and carrots, I finally gave up and gave him noodles, smashed peas, cooked carrots, bits of lettuce, and nibbles of turkey from my bowl of ramen. I'd cooked the noodles from a package of Top Ramen and then stirred in beef broth concentrate from Penzey's and added a few drops of sesame oil and soy sauce to make it more Asian tasting.

It was really good, and Jet really liked slurping noodles with me. He loved the bits I gave him. I also dug up some roasted sweet potatoes and cheddar, and cut it up into small pieces that Jet proceeded to stuff into his mouth happily. I added some whole wheat bread crusts as well and he stuffed those in as well. He just chowed down. I was pretty impressed.

Our dinner consisted of whole roasted sweet potatoes, seared and braised pork country ribs, and reheated beans that I'd baked and frozen a very long time ago. The beans came out of it all doing pretty well. Jet ate bits of pork and newly roasted sweet potato and really got into it. He used both fists to squeeze things and shove as much as possible into his mouth. Wow.

I'm impressed by the simple fact that most of the food he was handling went into his mouth. He also dropped some of it, but not significant amounts and most of it was on the tray. John says that Jet's really messy, but given how little he knew about how to eat up to this point I'm pretty impressed.

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