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December 5, 2001
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Working At Work

7:59 pm: Jet had a pretty terrible night last night. We're not at all sure why, but he was up several times, and he was twisting and turning in discomfort for several of his risings. He was in obvious discomfort, and if we held him and bounced him or fed him, he'd work through it gradually and when he was done he'd fall back asleep.

There were two times when he was so angry with not being fed that I had to get up and feed him eventhough John was trying really hard to comfort him. That kind of indicates that he was mildly dried out. Given that it had gotten down to the teens again last night, after a few nights of being in the high 20's at night, and that we hadn't really fun the humidifier before he'd gone to bed, it was likely he got dehydrated.

So tonight we'll try running the humidifier before he goes to bed, and leaving it high until he gets to sleep. At this instant, he's fussing pretty hard. I guess last night was pretty hard on him, too. He had two naps today, one hour long one at Joan's and another one during my mega-meeting in the afternoon.

Today was a big meeting day. I had the morning meetings that I went in for and then I had meetings from 2-5. So I have plenty of time over my four hours to make up for tomorrow. Tomorrow is a little company party for everyone to attend. It's a Toys-For-Tots benefit that is going to be at the new facility and all family members are invited, so folks can see the new facility from the inside. It's going to be pretty fun, and John and I are planning on going to Target to buy presents beforehand with Jet to help.

So the extra two hours of work I did today will be well used tomorrow to make up for pretty much taking the afternoon off. Of course no one told marketing that and they set up a 1 pm meeting tomorrow for me, but I think it'll be okay to use some of the time Friday to just play with Jet. One thing I've discovered is that full-time folks really rarely get stuff done on a Friday, so if I take my extra time then no one cares.

The morning went pretty well. My one on one with Bill involved a lot of intense work and he also gave me more options for an 'early' review this year because the stock price was so far down. The really cool thing is that the price was set back when the grant was actually given, and today the price went up by 15%. My. That's pretty cool. Makes the company wide pay cut and the time cut and all that made up for, materially, by these grants. There's supposed to be more when the review process actually happens in February. Yay!

I'm really looking forward to when Xilinx will be doing well again. I'm pretty confident that that's going to happen in the not too far future, i.e. a couple of quarters out at most. Then we'll get our full (part-time) pay again, and not have to burn vacation for specific days. I actually would halfway miss the latter, as it's really nice to take vacation throughout the year.

Lunch was with Bob and Cary. John did the drive in with me and drive home with me, as he didn't have meetings in the afternoon, so he came to lunch as well. We ate at the little diner amid all the car repair shops. The specials were a meatloaf sandwich and a chicken fried steak with mashed and a salad. Cary and I got the steak and Bob got the hot meatloaf sandwich. John got corned beef hash and eggs with wheat toast, and really enjoyed his breakfast. Cary and I laughed and wished we had some fat with our meal. It was really good, the gravy was creamy and the steak was crisp. Yum.

It was really good to just talk with Cary and Bob again. Some of it was about Jet, some of it was just the usual play and banter, and some was just enjoying their company. I really like them, and I think the thing I miss the most about not going in every day is just being able to interact with them on a regular basis. Then again, I'll have to admit that I don't miss Cary swearing in frustration on the other side of the cube. But there were times when even that made for, eventually, interesting conversations.

When we got home, Jet and I settled to nurse and we both passed out into a nap right there on the couch. I woke up a few minutes before 2, and tried to settle Jet for a nap, but he woke up. So I just took him into the office with me, and bounced him until he calmed down and then we started playing in his enclosure while John worked and the phone rang for my first meeting.

I really like paying attention to a meeting where I'm not a central actor from the floor of my office with toys scattered about me and Jet laughing with me. It's pretty cool. And they were pretty used to hearing Jet whenever I spoke up, so that was cool. For the second meeting, John chimed in too as a surprise guest speaker. That was pretty funny.

When it was all done, John took Jet downstairs to change him and feed him while I did a bit more work. When I was done with that, I went down into the basement and pulled up a frozen bag of teriyaki beef dinner, Lean Cuisine, and popped that into a skillet and let it heat through. It didn't seem to have nearly enough rice to me, so I added a couple blobs of leftover rice, and stirred that in until it was heated through and we ate.

It was pretty bland. I don't think I'll get that again. I'm too used to my own Asian-style cooking to be able to eat something like that easily. Their noodle dishes are pretty good for a really busy evening, but while this might have been fuel for the body it certainly wasn't fuel for the heart or soul.

Jet, having shown much refusal for straight baby food, got chunks of sweet potato in his turkey, barley and carrots. He proceeded to spit out a large number of the chunks (and baby food) smash them in his hands and, only then, eat them. I think John got a lot of the baby food into simply by getting Jet to clean off the chunks in his mouth before eating them. By the time Jet was full, he was smearing sweet potatoes all over his face, the tray, and his hair. So much for being relatively neat.

He's having a pretty difficult evening. I think it's just from being so tired from last night. John's having a little better luck with him with me out of the room, but not a whole lot. Jet's nose has filled twice today and I've pulled a remarkable amount of snot from his nose with the booger chaser. I hope he's not coming down with another cold, and the stuff is thick and yellow, not thin and clear, so he may just be clearing stuff out of his sinuses that the dryness hadn't allowed before now.

I'm realizing that every time we say, "Oh, he should sleep really well tonight, he's so tired." He usually does really badly, except for the nights when he's had bad nights a few nights in a row and finally, he sleeps and he sleeps all night without once waking up for feeding, bouncing, or anything. So it's still something of a crap shoot.

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