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December 7, 2001
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Hungry Boy and A Bad Back

8:15 pm: Jet was up twice last night, and for one of them he clung to me the way he clings to me when I pick him up at Joan's. The pediatrics book said that when babies have separation anxiety it can bleed into their sleep as well and they'll wake up as anxious as they are during the day. So he might be going through some of that.

The other factor might be that he was just really, really hungry. Today he had two meals where he downed six entire ounces of baby food, when, up until now, his max intake was an entire jar, or four ounces. So he's chowing down today and pretty much decimated our remaining baby food supplies. I was amazed. He was really happy after eating all that, too, and was really grumpy for much of the afternoon when I couldn't repeat the feat John did in the morning and the evening.

I worked for the two hours Joan had Jet, but it was a plant shutdown day and I decided to just have fun with Jet all afternoon. That was really fun, actually. He slept for about two hours right after getting home from Joan's and I made John and I lunch and then finished posting November here. It was very good to get it all out and now I can work on the last week this weekend. It was good to finally get all that done, after all the travelling, visitors and other things.

Jet woke up right on the two hour mark and I went and got him and then fed him solids. We then played in the livingroom for a while with all his toys, the Christmas tree, and I had the fire going because it was cold in the house. I turned it off when Jet woke up and let the fan go to cool it off, so he wouldn't be tempted. It was a good thing, too as he went right for it.

I also moved all the chairs from the kitchen into the livingroom because Jet had, with his experiments with solids, gotten a lot of stuff smeared on the floor. I wanted to clean it all up.

For some reason when I woke up this morning my entire lower back, shoulders, and head were all aching and the day made it just worse. I think some of it was that there was a wind blowing a system through. There hadn't been any predictions of snow, but in mid-morning a huge cloud broke away from the mountains and dumped hail and snow on us for a very brisk half an hour. The hail was just bouncing everywhere.

That helped some of the humidity problems, but it also made it much, much colder. John had put Jet in a short sleeve onesie and short pants, so I changed his pants to long ones, and he warmed up nicely.

John worked all day, he has a deadline pretty soon, and I distracted Jet for most of the day. John took over when I vacuumed and washed the floor and when I made dinner. I just cooked some tube pasta, tossed it with sausage sauce and topped it with moz and baked it until it was hot. Garlic bread and salad completed the meal and John managed to feed Jet six ounces of beef and vegetable dinner and sweet potatoes and apples between bits of teething biscuit, Cheerios, and Zwieback. I was very impressed.

Jet then played with John while I took a really, really hot bath and I finally got some relief from the pain in my back. I was very glad that it actually helped. I must have pulled something yesterday when I was carting Jet around and wrestling with him when he wanted to stand up in the shopping cart at Target. I was glad I could hang onto him, but somewhat unhappy with the results to my body.

I am definitely not exercising or stretching enough, either Making time for that on top of everything else has been really hard, but having to pay with a body that doesn't work the way I want it to is price I just don't like. So we'll see.

After my bath, I got to sit down and type this between times Jet tried to tackle my lap desk and my Visor. John did a pretty good job of distracting Jet then, too. Yay! It's last call for the baby time... one last nurse and we all get to go to bed. Whew.

We did call Mom and Dad to tell them that we wouldn't be making it immediately after Christmas. We'll have to see how the fares go, but on part-time salaries, with the two pay cuts Xilinx has asked of everyone, and all the Christmas costs we just weren't going to make it. Later on in this cold, high winter, it'll be nice to be warm and by the sea.

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