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December 11, 2001
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Growth Spurt and First Tooth

5:35 pm: For all that Jet is a whole lot happier during the day because his eczema is getting better, his sleep wasn't any better. He got up at 10:30, 10:50, 1:40 and 5. John and I were also pretty energetic during the day, but at night both our colds hit pretty hard. I got the shakes and the fever right on getting into bed. John wasn't as badly congested, but he was getting the headache part of it all.

In a way it worked out well, as John couldn't sleep from the headache, so he stayed up with Jet when Jet got up at 5 am and wouldn't go to sleep in his crib. They settled in the rocking chair in front of the TV, and Jet slept while John held him and they did okay until I got up at 8. I guess the cool thing about having a kid that gets up is that when we have insomnia we can still feel useful.

When I got up at 8, I talked with John, and pretty much took over. He went to sleep. I had to do three simple things, feed Jet solids, get him dressed, and get him changed before I got him to Joan's. Of course I pretty much hadn't done any of these things in the morning to get him ready to go to Joan's.

Feeding him turned out to be pretty cool. He's been eating huge amounts lately, and we went through most of a jar of bananas while he nibbled on a banana cookie in between bites. I had boiled some eggs yesterday, as the books say that feeding babies egg yolks is a good thing. So I unpeeled an egg, pulled off the white and I had this yolk. I didn't really think too much and just handed it to Jet.

Jet did what he always does. He took it in both hands and squeezed. It flew apart, crumbling everywhere. Jet then got the larger pieces and smashed them, too. He stuck some of it in his mouth, but then made a face and whenever I tried putting more of it into his mouth, he'd turn his head away. All the while he was finding more pieces and smashing them, happily, in his fists. Then he did something he's never done before, he took both hands and scrubbed the palms of them over his face.

I think I'll never find a better illustration of 'egg on face'. I was flabbergasted, and I had to just fall over laughing. He, of course, laughed with me, and busily pawed for more yolk pieces to smash while I tried to clean everything up. I was never so glad of the splat mat underneath his chair, and even happier for the construction of his booster seat. I basically brushed everything onto the splat mat that I could, pulled Jet out of the chair and we went to the other two points of preparation.

At this point I had five minutes left to finish things off. Of course, Jet turned out to be more than wet, and that actually went just fine, as I was used to that. It still took longer. The treatment went well as we found that if we give him an empty box he has a lot of fun playing with it instead of getting in our way. It helps that he itches a lot less, too, so he is distractible without another person doing it.

When I tried to dress him, however, he refused to sit on the changing table, so I lifted him off it and put him on the floor. He would sit there, so I managed to get an outfit over his head, but then he wanted to crawl. He tried to take off while I dressed him, and I managed to wrestle him so that I got his arms through, but when I had to do the crotch snaps he crawled away steadily as I worked. So every time he started getting out of reach I'd pull him back by the outfit. He was half laughing and half protesting the whole time. When I was done, I let him go and he was off and playing with stuff while I reloaded the diaper bag and got everything else ready.

Joan was wonderful. She offered to keep Jet a bit longer so that John and I could get a bit more rest or a bit more done. I gratefully accepted another hour, and went home and first cleaned up after both John and I.

There was some debris from all the night's activities as well as stuff left from the morning. I shook the mat out outside, took the seat bottom off the seat and washed it and the tray. I also put away all the dry dishes and washed the dirty ones. Then I made my own breakfast and took it upstairs to eat while I worked. I worked clear through to noon. John didn't get up until 11:30 and he made himself some ramen for lunch, so I went and picked up Jet, nursed him and then handed him over to John. I ate leftovers for my lunch, up at the keyboard, and just kept plowing through stuff.

There was a lot of stuff to do. John was a sweetie and fed Jet solids and took him to dump all our recycling and get a few more presents squared away. The recycling's been piling up and we had so much of it it was overflowing into our hallways and we finally moved it out into garage. But he went up to Longmont, whose greatest redeeming factor is that all the containers, aluminum, plastic, glass, and steel, get thrown into one bin. No sorting necessary. Faboosh and gone in one fell swoop.

Me, I just worked. I even had a half hour meeting. Most of which I worked through.

At 4:30, I shut everything down, went downstairs, and got a happy Jet and we played while he nursed, and John went back to sleep. Jet went to sleep, too, and now I'm just watching TV, watching pizza dough rise, and writing while I can.

The flu thing I have seems to hit in waves. I get tired, I get a sore throat, I start to get the chills, I have them for an hour or two, and then I get the fever for an hour or two and ibuprofen doesn't do a damned thing for it. At least the headache and ear aches have stopped, and my nose never was badly affected. John's nose is just stuffed. But all of John's colds go to his nose. All of mine used to go to my lungs, but ever since the move here I've never had the bronchitis I used to have. I now have first hand experience with why consumptives used to come to places that were dry. Yes, that's why there's a town named Hygiene just north of Boulder, they used to do quite the business in health resorts out here.

8:40 pm: A fun evening. Our evenings are something of the nature of mild chaos, as Jet goes around, doing everything he can do. He is pretty amazingly strong. He can move the whole of the big rocking chair, he can toss the drying rack around as he likes, and he even moves the new kitchen chairs around a bit. The tall bar stools are real easy for him to push around.

So Jet wanders about the house like a miniature whirlwind, stirring everything up as he goes. Every once in a while he *has* to have a Mommy fix, so he rambles into the kitchen or wherever I am, climbs me, the chair I'm sitting in, or grabs the legs of my pants and pulls himself up. Sometimes he'll push his head against the backs of my legs until he can get his head through and then he yells in frustration that he can't turn his head far enough to look up at me. He'll stay there and tug and pull until I reach down, pick him up and cuddle him for a while. He'll grin at me, I'll grin at him, we'll both laugh and he'll give a delighted wiggle. He'll pat my nose, tug on my hair, and then try and suck on my chin or my nose. After a few minutes he'll lean way out, away from my body, and he'll kick and wiggle and reach out towards something he wants to play with. I set him down and he's off again.

It's pretty amazing to be a part of his circle of influence.

The pizza worked out really well. The recipe was Alton Brown's recipe, and the dough turned out crisp and chewy and a little yeasty. Yummy. Thick enough to be a satisfying chew, thin enough for some crunch, and Jet loved eating the crusts. John really enjoyed it, too. The only thing I hate about the recipe is the need to let it rise for a whole day, so there's no such thing as a spontaneous pizza; but given that we have to have toppings and cheese, I guess that was mildly out anyway. If I have to plan those things I may as well plan when to make the dough. I also used parchment paper instead of flour to make the pizza on. It just makes shaping the pizza, moving the pizza onto the stone , moving it off the stone onto the cutting board, and getting everything clean again just that much easier.

Jet ate nearly another two jars of food for dinner. We're going to have to figure out how to make real food into baby food.

Jet's first tooth broke through today, it seems. The merest edge of it has come through the gum, and there's actually a line of white. His mood, today, was so good at Joan's that she mentioned it to me, that he was happier today than he's been in weeks, there. So there's some hope that last night's upset had something to do with the tooth finally breaking through.

Yay! First tooth!

John baked a sheet of cookies while I nursed Jet for the last time of the day. I now only seem to nurse Jet four times a day, first when getting up, once after he comes home from Joan's, once in the afternoon, and then the last time of the day. It makes all the difference in making it far easier to do for me. The huge meals Jet's eating seem to make something of a difference as well. Today, when I picked Jet up from Joan's he was eating bits of grilled cheese sandwich and Pepperidge Farm goldfish. He liked the goldfish, so we'll have to get him some. More substantial than a Cheerio, but smaller than the banana cookies.

I'm so glad he's so happy right now. It's just really cool knowing there isn't stuff that's making him unhappy and that he really can be like this, even after a pretty rough night. Or that I can be like this after a rough night. It's 9:55 pm right now, so I'm going to sleep. Yay!

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