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December 17, 2001
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Grumpy Monday

9:46 pm: Jet is far, far happier now that his diaper condition cleared up. He had a mildly weird night, what with not getting to sleep until midnight and then getting up for an hour and a half to play in the middle of the night. Turns our Haley had an equally strange night. I guess they're synched up a little or something.

Jet had a great morning, came down with grumpiness just ten minutes before coming home and then he nursed and went to sleep for two solid hours. So I got all my work done early. We went for a walk after John ate and gave Jet solids after Jet's nap, and Jet and I played away the afternoon happily. I took a two minute bathroom break and heard him in the front part of our house and found him already up three steps and unsure if he really wanted to keep going up after he'd found me.

He had been calling intermittently all the way up, so he was clearly looking for me. I was surprised. I was very glad that he hadn't gotten very far, so John and I put the child gate up at the bottom of the stairs. Now we can leave him downstairs and not worry about anything. he can go up under supervision but not on his own anymore. Again, another warning that wasn't too scary.

I managed, this morning, to finish my Christmas shopping, thanks to Kathryn. I am very glad that she sells specialty scarves, and she's closer than we are to Bellingham, it should be a very good gift for the person involved. I think it'll be beautiful enough to please.

I was glad to get that done.

I went to CeLena's and fell asleep on the massage table. My hips and neck were causing me so much trouble, that when she put a warm support under my neck and left my hips alone after an initial stretch I just drifted off and came to reluctantly only to find it was nearly 6:30 already. I went home, reheated our dinners from Casa de Mina, added a can of refried beans, and we had a very hearty dinner.

I then went to soak my sore butt in a very hot tub, and used the Evelyn and Crabtree lotion that I'd gotten for a pregnancy gift from Mary. It smells very nice, but is mildly overpowering when I use nearly no perfume. Jet snuggled in anyway, and talked to me, played with various things and pretty much insisted on staying in my lap until it was time for his last feeding.

He was a pretty tired baby. He'd done laps between John and I with his walker. Jet would take a few steps, then go to his knees, which were much more stable, and push the walker that way for a while. He did at least a dozen laps between the two of us, happy to go forward the moment we got his walker turned around. I was very impressed. He got tired enough that he only nursed off half of me before he pretty much passed out. I tried pumping, but either I've lost the knack of my breasts just don't like it anymore, and aren't producing enough to make that work too well., either.

A warm milk and I'm headed for bed. I had a pretty good day, I think. John said he did, too. It really helps with the work stuff to know that this is the last week before the long holiday break.

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